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Comment by Don MacKay on February 23, 2016 at 1:34pm


This is a Beautiful Restoration of an important historical PacMin 60" Boeing 2707 SST Made for United Airlines. Thanks, Don

Comment by JEAN-FRANCOIS QUILLIEN on February 27, 2012 at 12:37pm

Hi, Bob!!

We have had yet this discussion in the recent past (!!) and you're right.

For me, I think Corgi is too expensive vs other Trades as Hobby Master, Gemini or Dragon, and less accurate . I prefer a HM 1/48 model, often cheaper or equal to a 1/72 Corgi.

But they have a lot of German Dormier, Junkers or Heinkels which are very interesting. The only bomber I have from Corgi Archives is a 1/72 Doolittle B25 and a 1/144 English B17.

Comment by bob james on February 27, 2012 at 10:58am

Bob here in Kansas and an early member of this group.  The group has grown and we have a nice well rounded group of collectors of different aircraft and model companies.  Many of you know that I'm a big fan of Corgi diecast 1:72 aircraft of WWII.  I do purchase other diecast aircraft from different companies, scales and aircraft from WWI and Jets (1st and 2nd generation).  You can say that my collection varies but the main collection is Corgi Aircraft of World War 2. 

I've have a problem with Corgi Aircraft which was taken over by Hornby a couple three years ago and there was push to keep Corgi going and not falling by the wayside like a lot of companies.  Many of us here in the States thought that there would be some changes and that those changes would be for the best, but for the collectors in the US and other Countries!  My concerns about Corgi and a new direction has not been a good one because it hasn't changed.  It's the same old stuff over and over again and somewhere and some how it needs to change!  If you collect Corgi Aircraft of WWII look at your models from Corgi and see if there is a nice collection of models from the Countries that were involved in WWII.  When I say WWII that includes the ETO, PTO, MTO and the CBITO. 

As I looked at my collection which has all the Corgi Aircraft in the 1:72nd scale I see the following:

     1. British, American, German and Japanese.  I see no French, Italian, Russian or Polish Aircraft

     2. There are very few Japanese Aircraft, the only aircraft produced by Corgi was the Zero and very few

     3. There is over 55 Spitfires in the collection, the one model that comes close is the Mustang with 39 models

     4. There has not been P-38, P-47, Zero and other American or models from other countries in a long time

     5. The last time we saw an American Fighter was 2009. The last Japanese Zero I think was in 2006

Since 2009 we've seen a whole bunch of Spitfires which I like but it comes to the point that when you produce 3 spitfires all the same except for the call letters along the side are different in the same catalogue it becomes re-dundant.  I have all the P-51 Mustangs by Corgi and you can put them side by side and they are different because each pilot has added his only personal touch to the model thus making them different.  The Spits never had the pilots add their personal touch to the aircraft.  There all the same with the same camouflage and the only difference is the call letters along the side.

I would like those of you that agree with me to email, write or both to Corgi asking them to start producing other models besides British Aircraft and produce other models from other countries.  Also they have the molds for the P-38, P-47 and the Zero that they could come out with new models for these aircraft that we've not seen for a long time.  How about a few French and Russian aircraft for a change and remember these countries help win the war!  Also, don't forget the Italian aircraft, which there were several good aircraft and pilots.  I hope that those of you that agree with me to write or email Corgi asking for other models besides the ones they are producing now.  It's time for them to get off the wagon and start coming out with a few new models like the Short Stirling which was a great start to getting back in the groove!  The new Corgi Catalogue that will be coming out soon does not have one american fighter aircraft model.  Will we ever see one again??????  If so when?????

Cheers, Bob 



























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