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Corgi Model Aircraft!!!!

Started this discussion. Last reply by bob james Aug 3, 2012. 6 Replies

Hello friends it's Bob from Kansas.  I would like to talk about Corgi and it's cataloges and the models within these cataloges.  I collect Corgi 1:72nd scale diecast models in the Aviation Archives…Continue

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troy's toys

Bob here in Olathe, Kansas and my collection!

Bob's collection of Corgi WWII Aircraft and the short story as to how I got to this point in my collection and where I want to go.  This is long so I will say to you read it if you have the time or pass and go to a short one.  If you read it I hope you enjoy it and you may be able to help me with finding the one model I need for my collection.  I hope this will end up where it can be read by our members.


I've always have been interested in Military Aircraft as far back as I can remember which has been a looong time.  I would build models as a kid and would never be happy with the end results.  Then a few years back I remember seeing some nice diecast models on the net for sale and purchase one.  It was a 1:48 scale model of a P-51 Mustang which happens to be my all time favorite aircraft.  That started my collection of diecast model aircraft of WWII by Franklin Mint. 


The next evolution of my collecting was to build a WWII airfield in the UK, France, etc.  But there was a problem with the plan and that was the basement was not large enough for a full lay-out of an airbase for 1:48 scale models.  This was not a major problem but the next problem was that there was something wrong with the Franklin Mint model of the P-51 Mustang and I couldn't put my finger on the problem.  Then one day I finally figured out the reason as to why I had the problem with the P-51 Mustang.  It was the ??????????  I'm wondering if anyone in the club (besides Troy) can tell me the reason why I had the problem with the Franklin Mint version of the P-51 Mustang. 


The first one that can send me the reason for not liking the Franklin Mint 1:48 scale P-51 Mustang I will have a Corgi 1:72nd scale Model for the winner.  To win the model you must have the correct answer and you must be (first with date, time and the correct answer).  I then sold all my Franklin Mint aircraft which there were over a 200 models of WWII aircrft.  Les in Marshfield gave me the address of the person who I should contact at Franklin Mint.  I sent an email to the person at Frankling Mint and they correct the problem on one Mustang and then went back to produce more Mustangs with the same old problem.  Go Figure!!!!!!!


I found the company called Corgi which offered a lot of aircraft in the size that I needed and had P-51 Mustangs that were correct as compared to Franklin Mint Aircraft.  I then  began to purchase Corgi Diecast Aircraft and I purchase one off of eBay which happen to be from Troy's Toys.  I've started my collection of Corgi 1:72nd scale WWII aircraft in late 2007 and now have over 800 aircraft.  I have ever WWII Aircraft produced by Corgi except for one model and that model is Corgi's B-17G "Nine-O-Nine".  If you happen to have or know someone that has the Corgi B-17G "Nine-O-Nine" and would like to sell it I would like to purchase it as long as it's in excellent condition.  The reason I have so many aircraft is because I purchase 2 of every model except for the larger aircraft like bombers and transports.


I purchase my models from 2 persons that have shops, one is a store in Overland Park, Lenexa and Olathe area.  This shop is called "TROY'S TOYS" and it's a place I hang out at for a couple of days a week.  Troy and I solve many of the problems in the world today and we also talk about airplanes.  The 2nd is one you can find on the Internet or eBay and his eBay name is "STARSHIPWINGS" and is own by Les Eaus(sp) in small town USA in Marshfield, MO.  Check out his stuff and you may find some older models by different manufactures. 


  **Les was a pilot that was located in Germany flying the big twin engine Phantom.** 


If your looking for some older models and those models that are exclusive and made only for the UK you need to get into that area fo the market on eBay.  If you need some help let me know and I can help you.  I made some internet friends that were only to happy to find and purchase these models that came from the the UK.  These models are the early models and early exclusive from late 1999 to 2007 and hard to find.  I've been looking there hoping I might find the B-17G I'm looking for without any success.  At this time I finding a lot of the older Corgi models on eBay at this time.  You may want to check it out you may find some nice items. 


   **I have every Corgi WWII Aviation Archive Model from 1999 to the present**


At the present time I have over 800 Corgi 1:72nd scale WWII Aircraft from all the countries that were involved in the war.  I would like to see more aircraft from other countries that Corgi should be looking at for models instead of all those Spitfires.  I like Spits but I would like to see some other aircraft.  I have about 50 first and second generation jets that were produced by Corgi.  My collection of WWII models includes models from Dragon, IXO and Gemini and Hobby Master.  So, the 800 Corgi WWII Aircraft is about half of the total number of aircraft in my collection.  The models made by Gemini  and Hobby Masters are two other model makers that I like and will purchase when I find one. 


Gemini produced an exclusive P-51B/C called "Snoot Sniper" with a production # of 502, an was exclusive for a British Model Shop.  Another Gemini exclusive P-51B/C Mustang produced by Gemini was the "Cripes a Mighty" the pilot was Lt. George Preddy.  It just happens to be a plane that I feel is the quintessential fighter plane of all times and it's Pilot a man to be admire.  I believe if not shot down and killed in 1944 by friendly fire he may have been the Ace of Aces. In 1944 he had 26.5 kills and was the leading P-51 fighter ace at the end of the war.  This Gemini aircraft is my favorite aircraft and is part of my Gemini collection.  There will be another Gemini exclusive model that will be coming out sometime in the next few months and will be the German Me/Bf 109F-4 Trop, Hans Joachim Marseille with a total run number produced of 550. Sorry I have no photos of my collection as of today.  Hopefully I will have a few photos sometime in the near future.


    **I have all the WWII Gemini Aircraft, Me/Bf 109, Spitfire and Mustangs**

    **Not sure if anyone has tried to answer my contest of why I disliked the Franklin

      Mint's P-51 Mustang.  If no member has answered question correctly by the end

      of the week I will give a clue or two and we'll go from there.   


Cheers, Bob





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At 10:56pm on November 6, 2013, Matt Whisenant said…

Hey Buddy,

Haven't seen you online in a long time!

We miss talking to you on Model Airplane Collectors!

Take Care,


At 3:20pm on February 24, 2011, Antonio said…

Hi Bob,

I'm not really qualified to advice anyone on their model plane collections because I believe they (collections) are personal.  What works and is right for me may not be right for you or someone else.

I have this simple formula that works for me in most die-cast model plane buying situations;

I can't be without it- "a must have model", make the purchase

I would like to have it- "maybe/maybe not", keep an open mind about it

Unsure/don't know- "don't get it", spend the money on other important models

One of my favorite lines about model planes is this one;

"The best die-cast model planes to buy are the ones you love, you just can't love them all"...

Another thing I try to remind myself is to "NOT" fall in love with any one manufacturer.  Different companies make different models, and there are so many wonderful examples (models) to choose from.  That being said, there are plenty of models I won't even give a second look at.  I purchase my models because I love the model for Quality, Paint and Tampo graphics, and the History/Story about the plane.

Well, that's my take or "two cents" on how and why I spend all that money on my die-cast model plane collection.  There really isn't a right or wrong way to do it, a little common sense goes a long way...


Tony "Hanger56"

At 8:20pm on February 23, 2011, Antonio said…

Hi Bob,

My advice is only as good as my opinion.  I think that for the money and quality, HobbyMaster in the 1:72 and 1:48 scales is hard to beat.  It has become my favorite manufacturer.  I can't stay on the site long for tonight, have to hit the sack and work tomorrow.  Tomorrow afternoon, I'll finish this note to you and maybe it will help you decide which way you want to go with your collection.


Tony "Hanger56"

At 4:56pm on February 22, 2011, Antonio said…

Hi Bob,

Just read your short story, what a book!  Don't take this wrong, and I thought "I was nuts about collecting" die-cast model planes.  Just wait awhile and someone will beat you and take away your title.  Or it could be that I'm just jealous because you have so many models.  Great story and you have an extremely impressive collection, one that I'm sure you're very proud of.




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