Hello, all !!

2017 is beginning well for me !

I was searching one precise 1/72 Tiger I model in my shelves and, despite my desperate efforts to see it on one of my cabinets, I was obliged to admit that I lost it !!!

After some moments of total frightening, I try another hard thing: to calm down first, and then another one: to think (not so easy !!!).

I consulted precisely my last inventory and, at that instant, I realised that not only one was missing, but a lot of others...

No possibility to robb such a thing. One last possibility (Occam razor method !!!): I didn't  put in place again all my models after my showroom improvement ...

So, I went back with my coat, my gloves, a torch and my heated magnifying glass in my cold attic to look at some lost parcel.

I made 2 trials, and at the last one, discovered under a vile mess of variate uselessness precious things my holy Alliance Arch: a little parcel containing 12 Dragon Armour boxes with their tanks Inside !!!

Cautiously bringing back them to the right temperature and hygrometry conditions, all finished well on my best shelf, with a OOOOOOOOooofff of gratitude...

Lesson: too much models makes you restless.

Take care, all !!!


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