ANA Star Wars models and Ansett Australia 747s

Blue Box Preorder News - Star Wars!

August 24, 2015 -

Star Wars lovers rejoice. With the new Star Wars movie comes three new ANA liveries on 767, 777, and 787. Blue Box is offering these special liveries for preorder now with delivery anticipated sometime around the end of the year. These might be the hottest new airplane models of 2015 so please order soon as availability will be limited.

Plus two Ansett Australia 747s previously done only in 1:400 scale

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url Photo Item Name MSRP Sale Price Coupon Price
BBOXOX211 Ansett Australia 747-400 "Sydney 2000" (1:200) $197.95 $153.95 $138.55
BBOXOX212 Ansett Australia 747-300 "Sydney 2000" (1:200) $209.95 $164.95 $148.45
BBOXSW001 ANA 787-9 "R2D2" JA873A (1:200) Star Wars Special Livery $149.95 $114.95 $103.45
BBOXSW002 ANA 767-300ER "BB-8" JA604A (1:200) Star Wars Special Livery $139.95 $108.95 $98.05
BBOXSW003 ANA 777-300ER "BB-8" JA789A (1:200) Star Wars Special Livery $159.95 $119.95 $107.95
BBOXSW004 ANA B787-9 "R2D2" JA873A (1:400) Star Wars Special Livery $51.95 $39.95 $35.95
BBOXSW005 ANA B767-300ER "BB-8" JA604A (1:400) Star Wars Special Livery $49.95 $38.95 $35.05
BBOXSW006 ANA B777-300ER "BB-8" JA789A (1:400) Star Wars Special Livery $53.95 $40.95 $36.85

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