Century Wings 50th Anniversary SR-71, and Special Hobby Master P-51 Release

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October 31, 2013 - www.DiecastAirplane.com

SR-71A Blackbird "Libyan Raider" 50 Year Anniversary (1:72)
Regular or Signed

2014 will be an historic year for the SR-71. Century Wings is proud to announce that in honor of the first SR-71 they will be producing 2 SR-71's to commemorate the 50 year Anniversary. Both models will be identical but for the first time, Century Wings will be releasing a Signature Edition with not only the Pilots Signature, Major Brian Shul but also the RSO's signature, Major Walter Watson. The signatures will be on a very nice certificate that would be ideal to frame and display next to the model. There will be a total of only 500 of each made for these models.

The plane chosen for this historic release is 64-17960 also nicknamed the 'Libyan Raider'. This plane was chosen over all of the other SR-71's due to the proud history of flying more combat missions then any other SR-71. Aircraft 960 is also known for its legendary performance during the Libyan Crisis in 1986 when it flew 3 missions in 3 days. This plane penetrated the Libyan "Line of Death" with impunity, evaded 2 enemy missiles, and saw speeds in excess of 2100 mph during its critical performance.

We expect delivery for these special edition models to arrive in February. Because this will be the first Signature edition model, we expect these to sell out quickly and I've been told that they are already sold out at the factory.

P-51D Mustang "Ridge Runner III" Maj. Pierce McKennon, 335th FS, 4th FG, USAAF, Spring, 1945 (1:48)

The newest 1/48 scale, die cast P-51D Mustang from Hobby Master tells quite the story! “Ridge Runner III” was flown by 12-victory ace Maj. Pierce “Mac” McKennon, who cheated death twice during World War II. Hit by flak on August 28, 1944, he had to bail out over France, where he was saved by the Resistance, and was again shot down on March 8, 1945, and rescued by his wingman, Lt. George Green, who landed his Mustang to pick up McKennon and return to base with the Major sitting on his lap. A model with a unique story, this P-51D, which has two parachutes painted beneath the canopy identifying it as McKennon’s third Mustang, will be an exciting addition to any collector’s display.

url photo Item Name MSRP Sale Price
CW-001605 SR-71A Blackbird "Libyan Raider" Signature edition 50 Year Anniversary (1:72) 239.95 219.95
CW-001606 SR-71A Blackbird "Libyan Raider" 50 Year Anniversary (1:72) 189.95 169.95
HA7722 P-51D Mustang "Ridge Runner III" Maj. Pierce McKennon, 335th FS, 4th FG, USAAF, Spring, 1945 (1:72) 82.95 74.95

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