Hobby Master Preorder News at www.DiecastAirplane.com

Hobby Master Preorder News at www.DiecastAirplane.com

May 9, 2017 - www.DiecastAirplane.com

Both air and ground vehicles are included in this assortment die cast models saluting military technology dating back to World War II. Check out the new ISU-122 self-propelled gun used by the Soviets in 1944 Poland, plus two F-35A Lightning II replicas are also featured, reproductions of warplanes as they currently appear with U.S. and Australian forces. There is a new release of the awesome A-1H Skyraider, a premium re-creation of "Puff the Magic Dragon" which was flown in Vietnam by the VA-165 "Boomers" from 1963-1966. In additiona, a number of exciting World War II planes highlight this array including a P-47D Thunderbolt flown by Captain Robert Johnson - a quintuple ace with the 56th Fighter Group who earned both the Distinguished Service Cross and Silver Star, among other decorations. Also included are a selection of Cold War and modern aircraft such as a NASA-operated T-38 Talon, a NATO "Tiger Meet" RF-4E Phantom II from the mid-1980s, and an F-22 Raptor with the 90th Fighter Squadron.

url Photo Item Name MSRP Sale Price
Hobby Master Aircraft Preorder news
HA1984 RF-4E Phantom II AG 52, NATO Tiger Meet, Kleine Brogel, 1985 (1:72) $104 $92.95
HA2817 F-22 Raptor 90th FS, 3rd Wing, PACAF, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska (1:72) $105 $94.95
HA2913 A-1H Skyraider "Puff The Magic Dragon", VA-165 "Boomers" (1:72) $99.95 $89.95
HA3845 F-16C Fighting Falcon 64 AGRS Commander, 2012 (1:72) $97.95 $87.95
HA4413 F-35A Lightning 34th FS, 388th FW, Lakenheath 2017 (1:72) $106 $94.95
HA5220 F-14A Tomcat USS Enterprise, 30th July, 1976 (1:72) $157 $138.95
HA5401 T-38A Talon "Chase Plane" N923NA, STS-3 Mission for Space Shuttle "Columbia", New Mexico, USA, 30 Mar 1982 (1:72) New Tooling! $89.95 $69.95
HA5405 T-38 ATalon NASA 901, Ellington Field, Texas, 1960s (1:72) $71.95 $64.95
HA7813 Spitfire Mk.I Flt. Lt. Adolph Malan, No. 74 Squadron, Hornchurch (1:48) $87.95 $79.95
HA7814 Spitfire Mk.I Flg Off Richard Hillary, No. 603 Sqn., Hornchurch (1:48) $87.95 $79.95
HA8317 Spitfire LF IX 453 Sqn., RAAF, June 1944 (1:48) $99.95 $89.95
HA8455 P-47D Thunderbolt II Captain Robert Johnson, 62nd FS/56th FG, Boxted, April 1944 (1:48) $97.95 $87.95
Hobby Master Armor Preorder News
HG7720 ISU-122S Tank Destroyer, No.23, Soviet Army, Poland 1944 (1:72) $36.95 $32.95

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