Does anyone know if any of the higher quality manufacturers has made this vintage of ANZ's planes? I see Gemini has but it's only a 737. Dragon has made a 767 but with their plastic wings I prefer not to buy Dragon unless I absolutely have to. Preferably 1:400 unless it's larger plane. I found this one: But at $165 and the size it's not within my budget or space limitations.

Thanks everyone!

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I can check my local airplane store. This guy sells quite a bit of them. Phoenix, Dragon, Herpa, and definitely Gemini. The problem is that he doesn't record inventory of his stock quite well. Thus, when I need something from him, I have to look really hard. I have a list of planes that I am planning to look for and if I run into this one, I'll let you know and can ship it to you. (That is if I am not keeping it myself. : ) His prices are very good too.
Thanks Sherman. I found an Aeroclassics 767 but I heard their landing gear often fall off. Yikes. Gemini Phoenix Herpa and JC seem to be the best brands from checking I'm not sure what planes ANZ had in their fleet but as I said 1:400 in some of the bigger planes would be best. Even an A321 is cool but I think they have more Boeing than Airbus. Thanks!
I plan on going this week and will let you know what I find. This guy's store has sooo much stock which is unheard of.
This is the best I could find.
Couldn't find the Gemini one anywhere and the big bird one is $100!! Herpa's have oversized wheels and Dragon plastic wings :(
By the way I would say my budget is about $40 for this. It's a cool livery but it's not quite at the top of my list. Maybe I can find it at the aviation show at YYZ in October. From what I hear it's one of the better aviation shows. I went in March for the first time and it was amazing. maybe you can make it up to it in the fall? I searched shows and this was the only one in the east that came up.
Great I appreciate it. I'll let you know in the mean time if I find anything. Phoenix, Herpa and of course Gemini are def the best brands.
The guy has a phoenix vintage anz 767 in stock. Its $39 plus tax and shipping. Let me know, otter (don't know your first name).
I'm gonna add you as a friend so we can message about this ;)
I have no idea how to do that but feel free to add me.

I added you - now you have to answer somehow lol. Or you can just email me at - might be easier. ;) I just want to discuss logistics and confirm the plane is what I want. :)


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