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History of MiG Aircraft (Part 7) – MiG-25 – USSR’s Mach 3 interceptor

Introduction:   The story of the MiG-25 Foxbat is one of the most interesting stories of Russian fighter jets. It all started when the Sovi…

Started by AM in Historical ArticlesLatest Reply

Members, It has been a while since I have posted a blog post. I am making it my top priority from this moment on to bring all of you the b…

Started by Matt Whisenant in General InformationLatest Reply

Humble Beginings- Maisto Tailwinds

Hello All, As a newcommer, I join Scale Model Collectors from very humble and lowly origins. I almost feel out of place and unworthy to be…

Started by Ike Ibekwem in Die-Cast Model AirplanesLatest Reply

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Lockheed Electras 188 revell

I have about 50 Revell lockheed Electra 188 kits for sale as i will never get to build them all. Most  are in great shape with a few  Dodge…

Started by Howard Flexer in General Information

0 Oct 1, 2023

Buying Addiction?

Do you guys ever feel addicted to buying planes?  I started on this hobby less than a month ago and I think I have already purchased like 1…

Started by Sherman Lee in Die-Cast Model Airplanes

5 Nov 7, 2022
Reply by Sherman Lee

Air Forces owning both Su-27 and MiG-29

I was interested to find out which air forces around the world own both Russian 4rth generation fighters, the Su-27 Flanker and MiG-29 Fulc…

Started by AM in Historical Articles

13 May 12, 2021
Reply by AM

Though sad in my heart...

Nevertheless these sad events, I eventually managed to finalize my order by Antics UK , it is the HM 1/48 diecast airplane model P47D Razor…

Started by JEAN-FRANCOIS QUILLIEN in Die-Cast Model Airplanes

2 Apr 8, 2018

Jeff16-A short story of Scouting, War Horses and SdKfz 23x 8rad series.

Since Human Being raised from the mud, conflicts raised in the same time. (Sorry, Lord, it's a constatation...) ---------------------------…

Started by JEAN-FRANCOIS QUILLIEN in Historical Articles

2 Apr 13, 2017

jeff22-The rocket propelled fleas - (3of3)

Rocket propelled fleas -  (3of3) Main source: Wikipedia + Web search * 1944- Me 163C / Ju 248/ Me 263 / Ju EF 127 Walli The Me 163C wa…

Started by JEAN-FRANCOIS QUILLIEN in Historical Articles

10 Apr 17, 2016

World Firsts

First airplane (first heavier than air, fixed wing, propulsion driven vehicle) Wright Flyer First operational jet fighter in the world…

Started by AM in Historical Articles

7 Mar 23, 2016
Reply by AM

Boeing 2707 SST Restoration Available on Ebay is a Beautiful Restoration of an important historical PacMin 60"…

Started by Don MacKay in General Information

0 Feb 23, 2016

Military Channel's top 10 tanks

Another top 10 blog post but this time about tanks. I did mention the German Tiger I and Panzer IV tanks from this top 10 list in a previou…

Started by AM in Historical Articles

3 Jan 25, 2016
Reply by AM

History of MiG Aircraft (Part 6) – MiG-23, Enter the variable wing geometry fighter

Introduction: The story of the MiG-23 started when the Soviets came to know the drawbacks of its predecessor, the MiG-21. Some of these dr…

Started by AM in Historical Articles

3 Jan 25, 2016
Reply by AM


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