Another top 10 blog post but this time about tanks. I did mention the German Tiger I and Panzer IV tanks from this top 10 list in a previous blog post. This time I will post the whole list with pictures from my own collection. You will notice that two of the tanks in the list are not in my collection. Those will be the Israeli Merkava and the British Mark I tank (WWI).

I think some people may have realized that for the top 10 fighters and tanks I haven't included the reason why each vehicle earned its rank on the list. This is because I am not really convinced of the military channel's criteria and data. In addition to this, the link to the lists is always available for those interested to read the channel's opinion.

I am planning to post my own "Top 10" lists for aircraft and armored vehicles. The new lists will be based on criterion other than that of the military channel. I will be using some of the military channel's criterion, but I will try to obtain more accurate data for each of them. The military channel certainly knows how to produce nice videos and get speakers with really good presentation skills.  But the data they say and present isn't always accurate. One of the really big mistakes they have made was to say that the F-22 is a 4rth Generation fighter (though it is a 5th Generation fighter) and that it was Lenin who said "Quantity has a quality all its own" (it was actually Stalin who said so).


10- M4 Sherman:

9- Merkava

8- T-54/T-55:

7- Challenger:

6- Mk IV Panzer:

5- Centurion:

4- Mark I tank

3- Tiger I:

2- M1 Abrams:

1- T-34:

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I changed the photos in this post. Hope you like them !!

Added photos for the M4 Sherman, M1A2 Abrams and Challenger.

Added photos for Mark IV and V tanks and Mk IV Panzer


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