Do you guys ever feel addicted to buying planes?  I started on this hobby less than a month ago and I think I have already purchased like 10 planes.  Do you guys feel addicted to buying them?

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Yup probably because I can't work right now and it gives me something to be interested in. :)
I've been the same way ever since I moved back to the states

Oh yes my friend...ordered 10 last week...oh oh

I bought about 12 over a 2 year period ten years ago. Then had to sell them at a much lower price due to a financial issue. Here we are, 2022 and I started again. I’m up to 12 again and in a frenzy… trying to find places to display them.
Wife is trying to work with me but she’s had enough.

I am sorry to hear that.  Things have been tough for a lot of people.  I haven't purchased a plane in a couple of years but I am always drooling over pics of other people's planes.


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