Hi all, does anyone know why Cathay Pacific stuff planes costs so much? Are they all discontinued?

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It's all about valuation; Cathay Pacific is a great company and one of the best airlines in the world. They will soon retire the 747-400 so expect the price of the model planes to go up. The planes painted in the green livery are just ... collector items! The more people wanting to collect these planes, the more the price will go up. They're becoming rare items. I have a few of those planes branded as Cathay Pacific CXcitement, and they're all very-well made. 


Thanks for the tip.  My local plane store has a Cathay Pacific plane in stock, still shrink wrapped.  However, the price tag was a little bit higher than most.  Perhaps, I should snap that up as soon as possible.  Which manufacturers make Cathay Pacific planes?

Ya Sherman I would pick it up if you can. Aditya warned me the All blacks ones would become collectors items and now the ANZ all blacks 787 is hard to find. The spirit of Hong Kong and Asia's world city liveries are very cool. I know JC wings makes some but not sure about 1:400. Aditya has a couple :)

Ha! Most of my CX planes are CXcitement brand (I am not sure who the manufacturer is). I have three 747s, three 777-300ERs, and one 330.

Aditya, I bought three herpa 500 cathay pacific planes tonight. They are expensive!
By the way, Aditya, the planes that I bought were CXcitement ones too. So i believe the ones that you own should also be made by Herpa.
Pics pics pics! ;)


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