Jeff12-Hobby Master new Spit Mk IX .... HEELP !! MONEY, PLEASE !!

Dear all !!


I'm "disgusted" (LOL)!!


Hobby Master is issuing one more new Spitfire 1/48 model:


It's Gp Cptn James Edgar "Johnnie" Johnson (CO of Canadian Wing 124) Spitfire Mk IX, JE-J, MK392, RAF Squ.403, June 1944, réf HM HA 8301!!


This one completes their Spitfires series involving now the Mk I, Ia, II, Va, IX, XIV and XIX.


I WANT IT TOO with Douglas Bader's Mk Va !!!



"Johnnie" Johnson in 1943



James Edgar Johnson and one of his Mk IXs, coded after his initials (here is the former EN398).



Johnnie Johnson was the biggest UK fighter ace with 38 "kills", and ended his military carreer as RAF Air Vice Marshall.


Links for Gp Cptn Johnny Johnson story:



Thank you again, Hobby Master for these Jewels.


Hey!! I'd like too HM to issue Pierre Clostermann's (1st Free French fighter by the number of victories) own Spit IX "LO-D", MH526, from Squ. 602 "City of Glasgow".


Still waiting for the Messerschmitt Bf 109 models.... and the Hurricanes !!!

And please... Improve German mottled fuselage camo !!!


Take care, all!



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I eventually chose this model in place of Douglas Bader's Spit Va, ordered by Anticd Ltd UK, and received it this Wednesday.

I will be able to post photos only after Xmas !!!


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