Hey Guys,

My Grandfather left me a model which he got from working on the Stealth Fighter. I was told these were only given to Employees and I cannot find another one like it online.

It is plastic or composite and yes I have the missing tail piece.

I am moving and am unable to keep it and am trying to determine a make and amount I should be asking for its resale.

Any help would be appreciated

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This aircraft is called the F-19. I used to have a small model for it (probably matchbox) when I was a kid. It is only hypothetical and was never produced or acknowledged but because its details were shrouded in secrecy we may never know anything about it.

Check out its Wikipedia article:


You may also want to check this picture out from its article on another wiki:


Hello Robert,

Now that you know the type of aircraft, you need to find out its scale. You can do that by checking the plan's technical details on any website and finding out its real dimensions. It will then be easy from the model's dimensions to determine its scale. Once you have the scale, assume that it is plastic and have a look at models that resemble it elsewhere (on ebay for example).

Since this is a rare model and not many people have it, you may add the margin you see suitable to its price. Let us say that corresponding models cost 100$. You may sell it for 200 - 300 $ as it is a rare thing.

Regards and good luck.


I also know that some rare models are sold for well over 2000$. Good luck selling it :)

An unusual model, and I agree, quite rare.


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