Does anyone know where I can purchase a Air France B747-400 model from Inflight? The reason I'm asking is because this model is becoming very difficult to find and if anyone knows, please pass the info please because I'm Ready to buy.

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What scale?
You will find it on in scales 1:200, 1:400 & 1:500
Oh sorry. I did not read that you want it from inflight. Let me have another look.
Hello Ahmed, thank you for the info. However, I went to and air spotters as well and was out of them and www.airspotters. com had it posted on their website but when I emailed mailed Malcolm to confirm that, he said he only could have the cargo version. I'm interested in the passenger version only.
Hello Brian,

It is common for e-commerce sites to have items posted that are out-of-stock. I suggest you contact eztoys. If the model is still in production but short in supply, they figure out ways to get them. Let me know if they would help.


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