Has anyone ever purchased from the seller shopOriental on eBay? I just received a plastic Starjets frontier model and half of the plane's wings and stabilizers are a different colour. It is as if it has been left in the sun although the fuselage is fine. The seller said to deal with them directly and not give them a poor rating on eBay. This is the first negative experience I have had buying planes on eBay and so I'm not sure how to handle this. I have contacted the seller but I'm just wondering if anyone has had this experience before?

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In reality it was probably a manufacturing defect because the too and bottom of the left wing and stabilizer are yellowed. Probably bought them for cheap.

I think I bought a model plane or two from them, many moons ago. Obviously I didn't have any issue with my purchase. I once received a defective plane from an eBay seller, so I took a few pictures of the scratched wing, forwarded them to the seller, returned the plane (they even covered the return S&H) and got my full refund!

Ok thanks. Things seem to be kind of variable in what they'll cover. Hopefully they'll respond soon.
Dt ever deal with an ebay seller directly i.e. away from ebay. This is against their policy and may eventually lead to u not getting a refund and having the seller banned.
When you have a problem I says on ebay to contact the seller and a resolution can usually be found.

That is true. What I meant was that a lot of sellers may prefer completing sales and handling issues through email or any other method away from ebay. This is against ebay policy.

Oh yes. This is very true. I'm gonna post another question in a minute.


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