Hello everyone. Glad to be on board here. I joined this site because I essentially build for collectors and figured what better place to be than amongst folks who collect. Although not new to building, I am still fairly new to commission building. I took it in as a full time job back in August and have since stayed pretty busy, including doing contract work for the Lockheed Martin corporation. I plan on sharing all my upcoming work with you fine folks. All of my past work can be found on a designated Facebook page that I have established to share my work. If you have a Facebook page it can be found under "fox thre3 custom models". Some of you have some really great pieces and I look forward to being a part of this community. Thanks again for having me!

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You're welcome, Nick !!

Great to have you join the site Nick! It would be really great if you started a blog post for each new build and would let us follow along and see its progress and the steps you take to create your models!

Very excited to see your work!

Take care,



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