Has anyone who purchased a plane which is plastic but not snap together but also is not the cheap ones like real toy? In the issue I am having with my eBay purchase the seller indicated they would send me a new part and it would arrive very soon. I am becoming very skeptical and wary of this seller because from the very beginning they send to messaging saying that if there was a problem to not give them a negative rating and to deal with it first with them. Anyway this model is made by Star Jets and is a 1:200 scale. The left-wing and stabilizer have a yellow discoloration on both top and bottom. I am very wary of trying to take these parts out. It also took 3 1/2 weeks for the plane to arrive so I'm worried it will take another three or more weeks for these parts to arrive which I don't even know if they will work. Any help would be appreciated.

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I guess ordering online (from trusted sources) has its cons. This includes ordering from ebay as well. Some of these cons are:

- You only see photos and videos of products, not the real thing. So in many cases, you may receive something that turns out a little different than what you saw in a photo or video.

- Products may get damaged during shipping or get lost. I have never had a package get lost before but in a number of occasions are received broken products (and their were new not used).

- Products may arrive late. This depends on their availability, where they are shipped from, the date on which they been shipped, the courier service, and customs handling in your country.

To handle these issues, take the following precautions:

- Deal with a trusted online store.

- Better use PayPal not your credit card directly.

- Read the online store's policy especially in returns.

- Make sure you read the description of the product very well (especially what each part is made from and its dimensions).

- Try to order from a state or country that is close to where you live.

- Choose a reliable courier service. I prefer UPS for example. USPS is fine but if it is will deliver outside the US, it all depends on how good your country's local postal service is. Generally, expensive postal services are the best.

- Buy products with buySAFE guarantees.

I think that in your case you have to compare your seller with the points I have mentioned.

Thanks Ahmed. I will reread the information I received. This seller had very good ratings and I used PayPal but I generally don't buy from so far overseas and won't again. A learning experience.


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