I'm curious why collectors collect the models that they do. Do you like limited editions? Do you try to collect the planes you have been on? Maybe an airline's entire fleet? Or maybe a combination.
I have been collecting for about five or six years now but it has only really become a passion or obsession in the last couple years. ;) I have eight planes I've been on - ranging from a Dash 8 or 737 all the way up to 747, A340 and 777 - and two that I would love to be on - an A380 in my favourite airline (Lufthansa) and one in the only airline that flies that plane where I live (Emirates). It seems as if most folks here are huge collectors. Not sure if I'll ever have the space or money for such huge collections but nevertheless I'm still curious - why do you pick the models you do? :)

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I have been focusing on the 744, 773ER and 738W and some 788 just because I think they are beautiful :) I have a few Airbus though. My collection consists mostly of planes with special livery like the 'All Blacks' from Air New Zealand, the green Cathay Pacific planes, the tribal Qantas 747.

Nice! I love the ANZ All Blacks livery so I might get that one next time I'm at my local hobby store if they don't have any of my faves. The green Cathay Pacific is really nice too. My dad and I share this passion but he hasn't been on many exciting airlines so I might get him something pretty like one of those for Fathers Day :)
Though his very first plane ride was on an Air Canada 747 back in the 70s so I got him that one with the vintage livery :)

The ANZ All Blacks are becoming rare nowadays so grab one when you see one. I have a Canadian airlines 747-400 in my collection, you know the blue bird on the tail.

Okay I will! My dad has a Canadian Airlines 747 as well but not die cast. Just the cheapy kind you used to be able to buy on your flight and they'd have it for you on the return flight. :)

I started collecting airliners because I've always thought going to the airport and watching those planes takeoff was the coolest thing.  Plus, this will give me a diverse collection with all the different models and airlines.

Definitely. Do you simply collect planes that interest you or do you gravitate towards certain airlines or models?
Right now it's airline that I gravitate towards. I shouldn't say airline but what government. I have this strange desire lately to purchase governmental air transports. Right now, I am in search of Air Force One and others. One of the first planes I bought was the South Korean Presidential 747. An airline that I am paying close attention to is Air New Zealand's all blacks. Their mainly black airliners look awesome!
Air Force one isn't too hard to find. Check out diecastairplane.com or ebay. I have the ANZ all blacks 787. It's really nice :)
Feel free to check out my collection!
The anz 787 all blacks is a hard one to find right now. But I am open to all of them and will snap them up as I go.

There are a few of them on eBay.


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