It has been a while since I have posted a blog post. I am making it my top priority from this moment on to bring all of you the best site possible for model airplane collectors and aviation enthusiasts! There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that I am working on. In an effort to make this site the best it can be I will be asking everyone's opinion on a few things over the coming days. Your opinion's have never mattered more than they do right now. 

Up first are the models from

They make models that are sold through several major airlines and manufacturer sites such as Boeing and Airbus. They also make some pretty cool military models and space and nautical models.

I want everyone to check their site out, let me know what you think of their models and prices, and if you have ever had the opportunity to see or own any of their models personally please give me your honest opinion of their quality and your impressions over all.

I can't share anymore right now but it is my goal to give every dedicated and loyal member of this site the best chance to get the best models available at the best price you will find ANYWHERE. 

So, with that in mind... If you see a model that you would love to have but you just can't justify because of the price let me know. I just might be able to work some magic! All you have to do in return is share your new model with the rest of us on the site when you get it! Besides, isn't that what this site is for? We are all hear to share our models with everyone else and enjoy seeing each others collections as well!

Can't wait to hear everyone's feedback!

Take care,


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Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! 

Is it XmaS before the date?

Sure some models are interesting for me:

these are the Space conquest models of Redstone/Mercury, Atlas/Mercury and Titan/Gemini!

How is the deal working?


I have one of their 1/100 Boeing 717s, in the final colours of TWA, I think that the model is discontinued. Personally, I think their models are very nice, well detailed, and have a good weight and finish to them. Over time, I've owned a United DC8-73, American A300-600, USAF C141B Starlifter, Delta MD80 Srs, and a TWA Martin 404. With various trades and deals over the years, I'm left with just the 717, but its a nice model. Sadly, to my knowledge, since the closing down of Collectors Aircraft Models, who was located at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel near Heathrow, there are no retailers in the UK, currently selling this range.

Hi Matt

We sell all the Toys And Models items at much better prices than at and they do not offer free shipping, so basically the net price with model cost and free shipping (48 US states) is about 20-30% lower at our site.

Toys and Models at

This is very good to know Steve!

I am having trouble accessing thier website. does anyone have the same problem?

I had some trouble yesterday for a while. Not sure why.

Hi, Matt!

Today 11th November morning, no way to link to toysandmodels.

Same pb than for u yesterday.

On the other hand I read Steve answer and proposition. It sure could be more interesting speaking of costs.

Kind regards


Odd, that there site is down. I'll give them a call on Tuesday, after the holiday, if it is still down.

Steve Howland, Sales Manager


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