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"SUPERMODELNATION"- Project: Classified Part 2

At last, the concluding part of the two-part series, Project: Classified is here. This model and movie making project has been some time in the making and when I first started sketching plans for my Military Airfield I had no idea how this would evolve and that the concept of shooting a presentation movie would develop as a result. Safe to say it is not the usual approach to model making and model display, but hey, I dared to be different!


Part 2 picks up from where part 1…


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"SUPERMODELNATION"- Project: Classified Part 1

Hi guys,

As far as model making goes, this is my leap into the unknown!

"Supermodelnation" is the term i coined to describe the art of bringing models to "life" using a cocktail of camera angles, delicate fingers, sound effects and heaps of patience to arrive at the finished product. Rather than playing safe with still photos, I hope this brings a fresh approach to the presentation of models. All that you see is either carved, shaped or assembled by myself using local…


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"SUPERMODELNATION"- The Art of bringing Models to Life

Hi Guys,

This is my first Blog Post. I'm the humble Maisto Tailwinds starter to this forum. I have been working on this project for the last few months. It's new and it's different and maybe not suited to everybody's taste. 


Supermodelnation (a combination of "super", "model" and "animation") is the term I've coined to describe my recent work which attempts to bring my model diorama airfield and its few planes to life through live motion movie (no stop motion, no…


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