Model Airplane Collectors recently had the pleasure of interviewing Fred Cox about his amazing Douglas Factory Model collection of DC-8 aircraft. The following is the interview in its entirety along with some amazing photographs of just some of Fred's amazing models.

I first want to say thank you for allowing Model Airplane Collectors to ask you a few questions about your collection.

Lets start out with the usual questions.... Where do you live?
Fred Cox: San Francisco How old are you?
Fred Cox: 55 What type of work do you do?
Fred Cox: Retired Ground Employee - Delta/Western Airlines How many models do you have in your collection?
Fred Cox: Around 75 (varies all of the time) How long have you been collecting airplane models?
Fred Cox: Started with Aero Mini's in 1970/71, In 1972 UTA French Airlines gave me one of their 1/100 plastic models which inspired me to go to larger models, After I saw and acquired my first Douglas Factory Model (Iberia DC-8-52) in 1973 I was taken back by their high quality and beauty and from then on I always have pursued these models. However, there have been a lot of plastic, resin, fiberglass and some wooden models along the way. Do you have a favorite?
Fred Cox: Sentimental Favorites- Northwest & Pan American Is there a model you have been looking for but have never been able to find?
Fred Cox: Loftleidir Icelandic DC-8-63CF & Lufthansa DC-8-51 Douglas Factory Models (DFM). I beleive that there is at least 1 Loftleidir DFM out there but kind of doubt the existence of a Lufthansa DFM. What is involved in restoring one of your models?
Fred Cox: I have no artistic ability so my models are restored/refinished by professionals like Atlantic Models in Miami, FL. To Refinish the process is - acquire the DFM blank, have it professionally polished, send it and a set of decals (if I have them) to a professional like Atlantic. To Restore the process is much more simple....acquire the model and hand polish it myself. If it requires further restoration then I have a professional do it. However, if you are going to keep an original model it is better not to try and restore it because the value will drop. Hand polishing is ok. If the model is "too far gone" then I usually have it refinished because it is no fun looking at a model which 1/2 or more of the scheme is scraped off or other damage has been done to it. How valuable is an original Douglas DC-8 factory model?
Fred Cox: The average value is around $1500 but some have exceeded $3000 depending on the airline and the marketplace. Do you collect any other type of model airplane?
Fred Cox: I collect Douglas Factory DC-9 models and some Western Airlines models. How do you display your models?
Fred Cox: They are on metal/wooden shelves which go from floor to ceiling in my living room. Out of all modern day jet airliners what is your favorite?
Fred Cox: 757 Takes off like a rocket! 777 is also great. Do you have a favorite livery worn by the DC-8?
Fred Cox: Toss-up between CP Air, Trans Caribbean (Palm Tree Scheme) & Braniff Calder. And last but not least, I plan on asking every Featured Collector this question....
What do you want to be when you grow up!
Fred Cox: I am an animal lover, especially birds and would love to open up a sanctuary/rescue for those birds in need.

All of us here at Model Airplane Collectors wish Fred all the best! What an amazing guy. To see his entire collection visit Fred's website at

Take care Fred!

These are all 1:50 scale model airplanes! Huge!

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Comment by Brad Shinn on December 6, 2010 at 1:17pm
Fred is a very cool guy. He has 3 of my custom DC-8 builds!!

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