Your Member Pages are where you share your collections with the world! They are yours to share with whoever you want whether they are a member of this site or not! For this reason I have decided to make Member Pages public. This means you can link to your page from anywhere on the web. Just copy your URL address and paste it wherever you like. Anyone that clicks on your link will be taken directly to your page without having to sign up or sign in to Scale Model Collectors!




Ever wanted your own domain name? lets say your John Doe, doesn't sound nice? Or if your Bryce, how about If the domain name you want is available you can now purchase it through Scale Model Collectors and have it link directly to your Member Page!


All  Members will be able to have their own unique domain name for a yearly fee of $20.00. Your domain name fee will renew annually! You may also choose to receive your own email address linked to your new domain name for a small additional fee of $5.00 per month. For example! Do you make and sell custom models? Do it from your Member Page with your own unique domain name! Its your page! Use it! Market it! Share it!


Let me know what you think!

Take care,

Matt Whisenant


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