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Check out these albums for more pictures of the places I visited:

El Alamein War Museum

Military Museum in Portsaid, Egypt

6th of October War Panorama (Yom Kippur War Museum), Cairo, Egypt

National Military Museum, Saladin Citadel, Cairo, Egypt (2013)

National Military Museum, Saladin Citadel, Cairo, Egypt (2002)

Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany

Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim, Munich, Germany

1- MiG-15 Fagot:

Portsaid is a city in Egypt located in the North facing the Mediterranean sea and the Suez canal. It is famous for witnessing the Suez Crisis in 1956. In this war, Egypt fought against 3 countries (Great Britain, France and Israel) and the city of Portsaid resisted the British and French forces with outstanding bravery and courage. The military museum was built in memory of this battle and all the battles that came after it. It offers visitors a variety of war items to see including the MiG-15 jet that fought against British, French and Israeli jets. It also displays some war trophies obtained from this battle and other battles including an Israeli M60 Patton Tank.


2- MiG-21 Fishbed:

The MiG-21 needs no introduction. It is the most numerous supersonic fighter in the world. It encountered the best in the western inventory in many fronts. The F-4 Phantoms and F-105 in Vietnam. The Mirage V, F-4 Phantom and F-15 Eagle in the middle east. Although introduced in the 60s, it is still in service today in many countries and will remain in service for many years to come.


3- MiG-23 Flogger:


The Soviet Union's first variable wing geometry fighter. It served along side the MiG-21 although initially it was intended to replace it. It was the last fighter to be designed by the famous Soviet designer Artem Mikoyan in the MiG design Bureau. It saw extensive action in the Gulf of Sidra between Libya and the US in the 80s and in the Gulf war in 1991.


4- Me-262 Swallow:


The world's first operational jet fighter introduced by the German's during WWII. It could go 100 miles faster than the Allies' fastest fighter at the time. It was flown by some of Germany's famous aces including Adolf Galland. The one I saw in Munich was the version that utilized the first air-air rockets.


5- F-4E Phantom II:


One of the US's most famous fighter aircraft. Saw extensive action during the Vietnam war and Yom Kippur war. Its design and capabilities were outstanding. It carried 4 short range IR missiles and 4 medium range radar guided missiles. It incorporated an advanced radar at the time and carried two pilots and so had 4 eyes and two brains working in an engagement. It is still in service in many countries and will remain so for many years to come just like its rival the MiG-21.


6- Ju-52:

Nazi Germany's famous transport aircraft during WWII. It was one of the few planes we could actually see from the inside in the museum in Munich. Not very spacious from the inside as modern transport aircraft.


7- Euro Fighter Typhoon:

Europe's latest 4+ Generation MRCA (Multi Role Combat Aircraft).


8- Tornado:

The famous variable wing geometry aircraft of Europe. The one in picture served in Afghanistan at Mazar Sharif. It only saw action in the Gulf war in 1991.


9- Fokker Dr.1:

Certainly the most famous aircraft in WWI for its radical design. It was also famous for being flown by some of Germany's top aces including the Red Baron Manfred Von Richthofen and Werner Voss. The one in the photo is a replica of the Red Baron's plane.


10- Me-109:

Another German famous but this time in WWII. It was also flown by some of Germany's top aces including the most scoring ace in history Erich Hartman (also known as the Black Devil of the Ukraine).


11- F-86 Sabre:

The aircraft that saw the first jet vs jet combat during the Korean War in MiG Alley. It was America's answer to the Soviet's lethal MiG-15.


12- M60 Patton:

One of the US's most famous Main Battle Tanks. Saw combat in Vietnam and the Middle east and took to the streets of Egypt during the 25th of January revolution. Although acquired by Egypt since 1979, all tanks of this type displayed in Egyptian Museums are war trophies from battles fought against Israel during the Arab-Israeli wars.


13- T-54:


A must see in most Egyptian Military Museums.


14- T-34/85:

The tank that turned the tides of World War II. The tank that earned the Soviet Union its victory in what the Russians call the Great Patriotic War. It encountered Germany's finest tanks and triumphed.

I saw the T34/85 in two military museums in Egypt. Those ones served with the Egyptian Army during the Six Day War in 1967.

15- IS-3m:

A Soviet heavy tank that was introduced in 1944 and upgraded to the 3m version in 1952. Saw action during the six day war in 1967 between Egypt and Israel. It proved to be quite a challenge for the Israeli M60s due to its very thick armor but lagged behind due to lack of maneuverability (Obviously !!! It is a heavy tank !!)



16- Me-163 Komet:


The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet was a German rocket-powered fighter aircraft. It is the only rocket-powered fighter aircraft ever to have been operational. Its design was revolutionary, and the Me 163 was capable of performance unrivaled at the time. Messerschmitt test pilot Rudy Opitz in 1944 reached 1,123 km/h (698 mph). Over 300 aircraft were built; however, the Komet proved ineffective as a fighter, having been responsible for the destruction of only about nine Allied aircraft.

Both the museum's Komet and its model were the latest version featuring a retractable skid beneath the fuselage to act as a landing gear. Designers were against adding a landing gear to earlier versions as it lead to a weight penalty that could not be accepted as the aircraft burned a lot of fuel at a very fast rate.


17- Centurion:


The Centurion was the primary British main battle tank of the post-World War II period. It was a successful tank design, with upgrades, for many decades. The chassis was also adapted for several other roles.

Israel used Centurions in the 1967 Six Day War, 1973 Yom Kippur War, and during the 1975 and 1982 invasions of Lebanon. Centurions modified as APCs were used in Gaza, the West Bank and the Lebanese border.

I saw the Centurion in two Egyptian Museums. One at the 6th October War Panorama. This is a war trophy captured during the Yom Kippur war from the Israelis. As you can see, the tank is intact and in really good shape. It seems that its crew simply left it and ran :D. I saw the other in the Military Museum in the Citadel. This one served with the Egyptian Army.

Israeli tank is in green. Egyptian tank is in desert camo.


18- MiG-17 Fresco:


The MiG-17 Fresco is another "must see" Soviet fighter in most Egyptian military museums. That is because it took part in most Arab-Israeli conflicts including 6 Day War (1967), War of Attrition (1967-1970), and Yom Kippur war (Ramadan war 1973). It is greatly remembered by Egyptians for its role in the Yom Kippur war. Though it was so out dated at the time, it managed to perform really well on the front and succeed in carrying out its missions.


Not only is the MiG-17 known for its achievements in the middle east, it is also well know for its combat performance in the Vietnam War. A lot of Vietnamese pilots managed to shoot down F-4 Phantoms and F-105 Thunderchiefs with this aircraft.


I own a DeAgostini 1:100 diecast model of this famous aircraft.


19- M1A1 Abrams:


The M1 Abrams is considered to be the world's no.1 tank. Egypt is one of the very few countries that own it. In fact, Egypt produces the tank under license from General Dynamics. I own an Altaya 1:72 diecast model of the tank. The model I own is of one that served in Iraq.



20- F-104G Starfighter:





21- M48 Patton:

The M48 is another must see in Egyptian military museums. This tank was never owned by Egypt, but served in the Israeli Defense Force during various conflicts in the Arab-Israeli war. The tanks in the pictures below are all war trophies captured from the IDF. The first one looks damaged and the others look intact. 

I own a Corgi 1:50 and an Altaya 1:72 die-cast model of this beast.

22- Embraer E-170:

This plane is owned by EgyptAir Express which flies only E-170s.

23- Fiat G.91:


The Fiat G.91 was an Italian jet fighter that first entered service with the Italian Air Force in 1961. I saw a section of this aircraft including its cockpit in Munich. This aircraft section belongs to a G.91 that served with the German Luftwaffe as a reconnaissance aircraft.

I own an Altaya 1:72 die cast model of the G.91.

24- Heinkel He-111 H-16 (CASA 2.111 B):


From Wikipedia:

The Heinkel He 111 was a German aircraft designed by Siegfried and Walter Günter in the early 1930s in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. Often described as a "Wolf in sheep's clothing", it masqueraded as a transport aircraft, though its actual purpose was to provide the Luftwaffe with a fast medium bomber.

The design of the Heinkel endured after the war in the CASA 2.111. The Spanish received a batch of He 111H-16s in 1943 along with an agreement to licence-build Spanish versions. Its airframe was produced in Spain under license by Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA. The design differed significantly in power-plant only. The Heinkel's descendant continued in service until 1973, when it was retired.

I saw the He-111 at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. I guess that it was the largest aircraft in the museum. I also own a Model Power 1:72 model of the He-111.

25- Airbus A320-200:

26- Wright Flyer:

27- M4 Sherman:

28- B737-800:

29- T-33 Shooting Star:

30- A330-200:

31- B777-300ER:

32- M113 APC:

33- T-55E (Ramsis II):

The T-55E is an Egyptian modification of the older Soviet T-55 with newer engine, guidance systems and cannon.

34- SU-100:

35- BMP-1:

36- PT-76:

37- UH-1:

38- Su-7:

39- M3 Grant:

40- M3 Stuart:

41- Spitfire:

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