My Entire Collection- Blog 1- the First 165

Here are my first 165 models of my 250 model (and growing) collection. As you can see my photography, diorama, and display has grown throughout time into the display that I currently have. If you click on a picture, you get a larger, clearer photo to pop up in a new window. Be sure to check out my new blog,MY ENTIRE COLLECTION - Blog 2, that I'll be updating with the rest of my collection as I did this one, until it reached its maximum.

Inflight 200 Air Canada DC-8-63

Gemini 200 TWA 727-231 "Double Globe"

Gemini 200 Republic Airlines CV-580

Aviation 200 Air Canada DC-9-30

Inflight200 United Airlines 727-22 "Saul Bass Large Titles"

Gemini 200 TWA DC-9-15 "Double Globe"

Inflight 200 United Airlines 747SP-22 "Saul Bass, small titles, Friendship One"

Gemini 200 Delta Air Lines 767-232 "Colors in Motion"

JC Wings British Airways 757-236 "Landor"

Herpa Continental Airlines Viscount 812

 Inflight 200 Continental 707-324 "Golden Jet"

JC Wings Air Canada DC-9-15RC 

Western Models Eastern Airlines L-1049C Super Constellation "White Hockey Stick"

Gemini 200 America West 757-225

Gemini 200 Frontier A319-112 "Howling Wolf tail"

Gemini 200 Airtran Airways 737-76NWL

 Gemini 200 American Airlines 737-823WL "2nd release with no eyebrow windows"

Gemini 200 Pan Am 747sp-21 "Billboard"

Gemini 200 United Airlines 777-224 "post-merger livery"

Inflight 200 United Airlines 737-222 "Battleship gray"

Gemini 200 Pan Am 727-200 "billboard"

Inflight 200 United States Air Force VC-25 28000

Gemini 200 Delta Air Lines 737-832WL "Colors in Motion"

Inflight 200 TWA DC-9-30 "last livery"

Gemini 200 Delta Airlines 777-200LR "Spirit of Atlanta"

Gemini 200 Delta Connection(Comair) CRJ-900

Voyager Models 1/200 Delta Air Lines MD-90 "new colors"

Gemini 200 United Airlines 757-224w "post merger livery"

Gemini 200 Delta Air Lines 727-200 "Deltaflot"

Gemini 200 Alaska Airlines 737-400

Herpa Premium Delta Air Lines 727-232A "Ron Allen - Interim livery"

Gemini200 Delta Air Lines MD-88

Gemini200 Delta Air Lines 757-232WL

Gemini200 Delta Air Lines 767-332

Gemini200 Delta Air Lines 737-732wl

Gemini200 Hawaiian 767-33AER with winglets

Aviation200 Northwest Orient DC-10-40

Aviation200 Northwest Airlines DC-10-40 "post-Orient livery"

Inflight200 American Airlines 747SP-31

Gemini 200 Alaska Airlines MD-82

Jet-X 1/200 American Airlines MD-82 "Working Together"

Hogan/Socatec British Airways Concorde G-BOAE "Landor"

Gemini 200 United Airlines 727-222 "Saul Bass - Large titles"

Gemini 200 USAir DC-9-30

Gemini 200 Delta Air Lines L-1011-385-1

Blue Box 1/200 TWA 707-300 "Twin Globe"

Inflight200 Braniff International DC-8-62 "Dark Green"

Gemini 200 Republic Airlines DC-9-14

Jet-X 200 American Airlines-TWA transition livery MD-83

Jet-X 200 American Airlines MD-82 black nose/screwdriver tail/polished finish N400AA

Gemini 200 Delta Airlines 757-200 "Deltaflot livery" with winglets

Jet-X TWA MD-83 "Wings of Pride - Reverse Red"

Gemini 200 TWA 767-200 "Twin Stripe"

Gemini 200 Northwest Airlines DC-9-14 "Bowling Shoe"

Gemini 200 Delta Airlines L-1011-385-1"Bicentenial livery/ logo"

Inflight 200 United Airlines 747-400 battleship livery

Gemini 200 USAir BAC-111 rust livery

Gemini 200 American 767-200 "Flagship Independence"

Aviation 200 Pan Am 707 "Jet Clipper Challenger"

Aviation 200 Pan American 707 "Clipper America"

Gemini 200 Pan Am 747SP "Clipper Constitution"

Gemini 200 Piedmont 767-200 Pride of Piedmont

Gemini 200 Eastern Airlines 727-200 baremetal hockey stick

Gemini 200 Delta Airlines 767-200 Widget livery - Spirit of Delta

Western Models Braniff International L-188 Yellow jellybean

Aviation 200 Pan Am DC-10 "Clipper Aurora"

JC Wings Virgin Australia 777-300 South Africa flag

Gemini 200 USAir 727-200

Gemini 200 United Express CRJ-700 "Shades of Blue"

Gemini 200 Delta 727-100 "Widget-Bicentenial"

Jet-X 200 TWA MD-80 "Wings of Pride"

Jet-X 200 Mexicana 727 Purple tail

Jet-X 200 American MD-90 "Reno merger colors"

Aviation 200 Continental DC-10-30 "Red Meatball"

Inflight 200 TWA 747SP "Boston Express"

Aviation 200 American Airlines 707

Gemini 200 USAirways 767-200

Gemini 200 United Express Dash 8

Gemini 200 USAirways A320 "Hudson River Special"

Gemini 200 Eastern DC-9-30 White livery, bi-centennial logo

Gemini 200 Pan Am 727-100 National/ white belly livery

Gemini 200 United 777 "Shades of Blue"

Gemini 200 Delta MD-88 "Waves of Color"

Gemini 200 PSA 727-200

JC WIngs Continental 777 "Peter Max"

Inflight 200 US AIr Force "Air Force One" aircraft 26000 2nd release with polished belly, wings, etc

JC Wings Braniff International BAC-111 "Turquoise"

Inflight200 Braniff International DC-8-61 "Calder" 2nd release

Inflight 200 Western Airlines DC-10-30 white livery

Inflight 200 Western Airlines 737-200 white livery

Inflight 200 United Airlines "Saul Bass - large titles" 737-200

Gemini 200 Continental 777

Gemini 200 Continental MD-81 "Red Meatball"

Inflight200 TWA L-1011-100 "twin stripe-solid titles"

Inflight 200 TWA 707 "twinstripe-solid titles"

Inflight200 Northwest DC-9-51 post republic merger livery - polished

Jet-X Northwest 727-251 No Orient titles

Jet-X Northwest Orient 727-251

Gemini 200 American Airlines 767-323W

Gemini 200 Continental Express ERJ-145LR

Gemini 200 Northwest Airlines 727-251 "bowling shoe"

Inflight200 American Airlines A300B4-605R

Hobby Master BOAC Boeing B-377 

Gemini 200 American Airlines 737-823

Hogan - Socatec Air France Concorde "delivery colors"

Gemini 200 American Airlines 737-800 "Astrojet"

Inflight200 World Airways DC-8-63

Aero Classics 1/400 Midway Airlines DC-9-30

Aero Classics 1/400 Midway Airlines DC-9-30 "last colors"

Gemini 250 American MD-82 and YES the finish really is that bad. Worst tarnish I've ever seen.

Gemini 250 Eastern Airlines DC-8-63

Gemini 250 American Airlines 737-800

Gemini 200 TWA 757-200 "last colors"

Inflight200 United Airlines Worldwide Cargo DC-10-30

Inflight200 Northwest 747-451 "Delivery colors"

Jet-X Continental 727-200 "Red Meatball"

Inflight200 Braniff International 747SP

Phoenix 200 USAir 737-400

Gemini 200 Delta Air Lines L-1011-500

Gemini 200 American Airlines F-100

Inflight200 Eastern Airlines DC-9-30 "Silver Hockey Stick"

Gemini 200 United Airlines 757-222 "Battleship Gray"

Inflight200 TWA 747-100 "Twin stripe - Hollow titles"

Gemini 200 Southwest Airlines 737-700

Inflight200 United Airlines 727-200 "Battleship Gray"

Gemini 200 American Airlines MD-82 "Screwdriver tail"

Gemini 200 Delta Airlines 757-200 "Widget"

Gemini 200 United Airlines A319 "Battleship gray"

Gemini 200 United Airlines A320 "Shades of Blue"

Inflight200 United DC-10-30 "Battleship gray"

Gemini 200 United 757 "Saul Bass"

Inflight200 Eastern Airlines 727-200 "bare-metal hockey stick"

Gemini 200 Northwest Airlines A319 "last colors"

Gemini 200 National Airlines (II) 757-200

Gemini 200 Continental 737-700

Gemini 200 American Airlines 757-200w


Gemini 200 American Airlines 757 Astrojet

Gemini 200 National Airlines 727-200 "Elaine"

Jet-X American Airlines MD-80 - pointed tail cone, "Super 80" logo

Gemini 200 United 757-200 "Shades of Blue"

Inflight200 Southwest Airlines 737-200 "mustard rocket"

Gemini 200 Northwest Airlines 757-200 "NWA-silver livery"

Inflight 200 TWA DC-9-30

Jet-X Braniff International 727-200 "light blue jellybean"

Gemini 200 American Airlines 777

Jet-x Continental 727-200 black meatball

Inflight200 TWA 727-200 "Twin stripe" N64339, in 1985, was on the Athens-Rome run as TW847, when attacked by Hezbollah terrorist and flown back and forth between Lebanon, Beirut, Algiers, and Algeria for 17 days.

Inflight200 America West 737

Inflight200 Braniff International 707-327C "Ochre" 120 pcs N7095 was delivered in 1966 to Braniff, leased to Trans Mediterranean in 1971, sold to them in 1980. Aircraft is still intact in Beirut at present time.

Jet-X 200 Delta Air Lines MD-90-30 "1996 Olympic logo" N902DA

Inflight200  Pan Am 737-200 "Clipper Frankfurt"

Inflight200 National DC-10-30 N83NA wore "timmi" before transfer to Pan Am, American, and TransAero

In honor of the first flight of the 727 February 9, 1963 the model for today is the Gemini 200 Eastern Airlines 727-200 in the White livery. Delivered July 1970, this bird later flew for Pan Am as Clipper Eclipse.

Gemini200 Continental Airlines 757-200

Inflight200 Delta DC-9 "Widget"

Gemini200 American Eagle ERJ-140 

Inflight200 Piedmont 737-200

Gemini200 USAir Fokker F-100

Inflight200 Pan Am 747-121 Clipper Young America, the first Boeing 747 delivered to an airline. Later re-named Clipper Washington, then Clipper Pride of the Sea in the billboard livery.

Inflight200 Northwest Airlines DC-9-51 "last colors"

Gemini 200 United Airlines 767-300 "Shades of Blue"

Gemini 200 *Original release* Southwest Airlines 737-700 "Canyon Blue" the 2000th 737NG

Inflight 200 Northwest Orient 707-351B N354US delivered September 1963

Inflight200 Trans World Airlines 747-100 Twin Stripe-Solid Title livery N53110, delivered to TWA August 1970 in the double globe livery.

Inflight200 Delta Airlines 737-200 "widget" livery

Gemini 200 Eastern Airlines 757

Inflight 200 United DC-10-30 "Saul Bass" colors, small titles

Gemini 200 American Airlines 727-200 N874AA flew the last 727 revenue flight for American Airlines. She was delivered 4/13/78, and is now preserved at the museum of flight in Seattle.

Gemini 200 Eastern Airlines DC-9-14 "White Livery"

Gemini 200 Pan Am L-1011-500 Clipper Bald Eagle

Inflight200 Braniff International 727-100 "red jellybean"

Inflight200 United Airlines 747-400 "shades of blue" livery

Northwest Orient 757-200 "80's/thermometer" livery

Inflight200 TWA L-1011-100 "last colors" N31029, the only TWA L-1011 to wear the final TWA livery

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Comment by Eric Bretthauer on November 15, 2013 at 10:54pm

Wow!  Very well done.

Comment by Brian Sherman on March 22, 2013 at 9:28am

Thanks Garry! It's been a work in progress over the last few years. Finally getting it where I'm really happy with the result.

Comment by Garry Brown on March 22, 2013 at 3:36am

A truly awesome collection, crisp clear photo's & the runway diorama's look fantastic.

Comment by Brian Sherman on January 15, 2013 at 6:48pm

Over 5,000 views now! Thanks for checking out my collection from time to time, its really fun to keep this going!

Comment by Brian Sherman on August 17, 2012 at 9:45pm

Thanks, Krish, I've been trying to update the older pics with better ones, along with my photo albums, too.

Comment by Krish on August 4, 2012 at 10:53am

You do fantastic work  Brian and i sincerely appreciate the effort and time you put into sharing your models and pictures.

Comment by Brian Sherman on August 2, 2012 at 9:59pm

Thanks! I love getting a new model to take some more pictures! I just noticed this blog is getting close to 3,000 views! WOW!

Comment by AM on August 2, 2012 at 4:25pm

A wonderful collection Brian. I share Matt's appreciation of your photography too. Great work !!!

Comment by Mikeindigokiloecho on March 20, 2012 at 9:08pm

Very very nice!  You definitely have a love for the 80's and 90's liveries. 

Comment by Matt Whisenant on February 11, 2012 at 9:23pm

Looking nice!!!! Love your photography!

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