These are my latest purchases and pictures. If you click on a picture, you get a clearer, larger version in a separate window. Check out MY ENTIRE COLLECTION - Blog 1 for my first 165 models. My collection stands at 252 models with 2 on order.

Future Deliveries

Airline                       Livery                Aircraft                     Manufacturer                     Expected

United Airlines      Saul Bass-Large title  DC-10-10                     JFOX(Inflight)                 May 2017

Ozark                      Delivery               DC-9-10                      Gemini 200                      May 2017

Piedmont Airlines     polished-last         737-400                        Phoenix                         May 2017

Frontier Airlines       Red Saul Bass        CV-580                         Gemini 200                    May 2017

Eastern Airlines    White Hockey Stick    CV-440                         Gemini 200                    May 2017

Reno Air                  last                      MD-87                          Gemini 200                    May 2017

In Collection, not yet photographed

Airline                       Livery                Aircraft                     Manufacturer                    

American              Lightning Bolt          DC-6B                      Herpa

Pan American         Pan American         DC-7                       

United                    Mainliner            Viscount                      Herpa

Gemini200 United 757-200w "Post Merger"

Gemini 200 Delta Air Lines 717-200

Inflight200 Pan American 720B

Aviation200 United Airlines 747-422 "Post Merger"

Gemini200 American Airlines MD-11

Inflight200 Delta Air Lines DC-10-10 "80's Widget"

Gemini200 TWA MD-82 "Twin Stripe"

Inflight200 United Airlines 747-422 "Saul Bass - Large Titles"

JFox200 United Airlines 747-122 "Battleship"

Gemini200 United Airlines A320 "Post Merger"

Gemini200 Delta Air Lines 757-300

Seattle Model Company Delta Air Lines MD-11 "Widget"

AeroClassics200 Northwest Orient 720B

Aviation 200 Pan American DC-8-62

Inflight 200 United Airlines 747SP "Saul Bass - Large Titles" limited ed. 80pcs

Gemini 200 Delta Air Lines 747-451

Gemini 200 American Airlines MD-82 "second release - N488AA"

Gemini200 Delta Air Lines A330-300

Gemini 200 United Airlines 737-300 "Shades of Blue"

Aviation200 Delta Air Lines DC-9-51

Gemini200 United Airlines L-1011-500 "Saul Bass"

Inflight200 Continental Airlines 747-200 "Red Meatball"

Inflight200 Delta Air Lines 737-200 "Deltaflot"

Inflight200 American Airlines DC-10-30

Inflight200 Braniff International 747-100 "Big Orange"

Inflight200 TWA 747-100 "Starstream"

Inflight200 Eastern Air Lines L-1011 "White hockey stick" Lockheed Demo model

Inflight200 Pan Am 747-100 "Billboard livery - Clipper Ocean Herald"

Inflight200 United Airlines 720B "Mainliner"

Gemini200 Delta Air Lines 727-200 "80s/90s Widget"

Inflight200 United Airlines 727-022 "Mainliner"

Aviation 200 Delta Air Lines 747-100 "Widget"

Gemini 200 Hawaiian Airlines 717-200

Gemini 200 Pan American World Airways 727-100

Gemini200 United Airlines A320 "Friendship"

Gemini200 ValuJet DC-9-30 "critter"

Gemini200 Ted by United A320

JFox200 British Airways 747-200 "Landor" G-BDXL w/Rolls Royce Engines

Inflight200 United Airlines DC-8-62 "Mainliner"

Gemini 200 Eastern Air Lines DC-9-14 "Silver hockey stick"

JC Wings Air Canada 767-200 "Gimli Glider"

BlueBox200 Frontier 737-200 "Elk/Snow Owl"

Aviation200 Pan Am 737-200 "Billboard livery - Clipper Hornet"

Gemini 200 TWA 727-200 last livery

Gemini 200 Piedmont 727-200 "Independence Pacemaker"Aviation200 Northwest Airlines 707-300 "Compass-Livery"

Gemini 200 Eastern Air Lines "Silver Falcon"

Herpa 200 TWA DC-3

Inflight200 TWA 727-100 "Starstream"

Gemini200 Eastern Air Lines 727-200 "Silver Hockey Stick"

Herpa200 Northwest Airlines DC-6B "Compass Livery"

Inflight200 National Airlines 747-100

Gemini200 Pan Am 727-200 "70s Pan Am titles"

Gemini 200 Southwest Airlines 737-800 "1st Blue livery"

Gemini200 American Eagle ATR-72 "1968-Eagle Livery"

Aviation200 National Airlines 727-100 "Sun King -Jean"

Inflight 200 Continental Airlines DC-9-30 "Red Meatball"

Gemini 200 Northeast Airlines DC-9-30 "Yellowbird"

Inflight200 Continental Airlines 737-100 "Red Meatball"

Inflight200 Northwest Airlines DC-9-30 "Bowling Shoe"

Inflight200 USAir 737-200 "1980s Rust livery, baremetal"

Inflight200 Ozark Airlines DC-9-40 "Last livery"

JC Wings Cathay Pacific 777-300ER

Gemini 200 North Central Airlines DC-9-30

Gemini 200 Southern Airways DC-9-15 "last livery"

Inflight 200 American Airlines 727-100

Herpa 200 Aloha Airlines Viscount - 60's Flower power livery

Aeroclassics200 Braniff International 720B "jellybean colors - lavender"

Inflight 200 Hughes AirWest DC-9-30 "Top Banana" livery

Inflight 200 AirWest DC-9-30 "Red/Gold"

JC Wings 200 Cathay Pacific A330-300 2000's livery

Gemini 200 Air China 747-8i

Gemini 200 Northwest 747-451 - Bowling Shoe

JFOX(Inflight 200) Northwest 747-251 - Bowling Shoe

Gemini 200 American Airlines A319

Aviation 200 Braniff International DC-8-62 Flying Colors-Orange/yellow

Gemini 200 Delta Air Lines CV-880 Widget

Aeroclassics200 Eastern Air Lines 720B Golden Falcon Jet

Aeroclassics200 Eastern Air Lines 720B White Hockey Stick

Gemini 200 Texas International DC-9-15

Inflight 200 Texas International DC-9-30

Inflight 200 Trans World Airlines CV-880 Starstream

Aeroclassics200 Western Airlines 720B

Gemini 200 American Airlines 777-300ER

Gemini 200 JetBlue A320

Gemini 200 United Airlines 737-800 with Scimitars

Gemini 200 American Airlines 737-800 new colors

Gemini 200 United Airlines 757-300

Gemini 200 American Airlines 757-223w new colors

Gemini 200 United Airlines 787-900

JCWings United Airlines 777-200 "Battleship Gray"

BlueBox/Inflight200 Northwest DC-10-40 "Bowling Shoe"

Seattle Model Aircraft Delta Air Lines MD-11 "Interim Colors"

Gemini 200 American Eagle CRJ-700

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