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Though sad in my heart...

Started this discussion. Last reply by JEAN-FRANCOIS QUILLIEN Apr 8, 2018. 2 Replies

Nevertheless these sad events, I eventually managed to finalize my order by Antics UK , it is the HM 1/48 diecast airplane model P47D Razorback with pilot dedication (special commercial act by…Continue

jeff23-Oldies but Goldies (3) To Bruno Auger.

Started Nov 19, 2013 0 Replies

Hello, all!This time, I'd like to introduce to you one more of my personal "heroes" (a living one ...), I mean: my brother in law Bruno Auger.... (I never asked him any permission to write this…Continue

jeff22-The rocket propelled fleas - (3of3)

Started this discussion. Last reply by JEAN-FRANCOIS QUILLIEN Apr 17, 2016. 10 Replies

Rocket propelled fleas -  (3of3)Main source: Wikipedia + Web search* 1944- Me 163C / Ju…Continue

jeff21-The rocket propelled fleas - (2of3)

Started this discussion. Last reply by JEAN-FRANCOIS QUILLIEN Oct 27, 2013. 6 Replies

The rocket propelled fleas (2of3)master source: Wikipedia* 1935- Wernher von Braun met…Continue


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____Welcome on Jeff's collector page !!____

My collections & my Hobbies




22/01/2023 - Dear all. Being now 75, and life heading to other landscapes, I'm sorry to tell you that I will no longer update this page. It was a great joy and honor to share my passion with you all. God bless you !! Bigup for you, Matt !!

I’m living in France at Beauvais, middle town of 60,000 inhabitants, 70km NW of Paris; I was born in February 1948 and retired since November 2009. Proud father of 3 sons and grand father of 5 grandchildren (3 boys and 2 girls, thanks God !)

I’ve been collecting "diecast" miniatures models since year 2000, beginning with 1/72 items, but many years ago, I used to assemble and paint plastic models (Airfix, Aurora, Heller, Revell, Monogram, aso) fallen in pieces for long... together with my dexterity, my sight and my patience !!!

- I've got a FB dedicated collector French page too, please, like and suggest it:

and a new group:

Link for my cave-room, old and new agencement:

My planes models collection, involving scales from 1/400 to ~1/30,

represents 322 items from WW1 to space conquest. Some of them are still in their boxes. September 2019: Since there's no more room left at home for my airplanes models, it seems this is their ultimate inventory… But I continue with some vehicles and books...

Though this site is more dedicated to airplanes models, let me share with you that I'm collecting too armored vehicles, battleships and militaries regarding WW1, WW2 and modern conflicts (807 items ) with scales from 1/1100 to 1/16. In fact it's the most important part of my collections.

I opened a new collection of aeronautic badges / insignias WW2 and contemporary, attaining the number of 68 until now.

I'm collecting too tin soldiers from Napoleonic wars, WW1 and WW2.

WW1 Tin Soldiers

Napoleonian Wars Tin soldiers



In a parallel way, I got a large library of historical and/or technical books - 293 so far - (series begun in the 60ies), as well as documentary DVDs regarding military airplanes and vehicles of WW1, WW2 and modern conflicts (see hereunder links to my docs Albums):

Vol 1:

Vol 2:

Vol 3:

I like "linking" my models to the real History and issue little historical posts on the forum. This forum is an open space of vulgarisation, and I'm happy finding new real amateurs able to write some as my good friend Ahmed Misbah from Egypt. All of you are invited to do so !!


Hereunder in the "My Photos" module are some photos albums of my Airplanes and Armored Fighting Vehicles collections. Choose the "View all" option for more....or you can link to my whole pics cavern:



This file can be opened either by Excel, Open Office or LibreOffice suites.


22/01/2023 - Dear all. Being near 75, and life heading to other landscapes, I'm sorry to tell you that I will no longer update this page. It was a great joy and honor to share my passion with you all. God bless you !! Bigup for you, Matt !!

22/10/2021 - Received shipment 22 of the Altaya-Ixo 1/43 "WWII Cars" series:

N°44- Type 95 Kurogane 4x4 light scout car

N°45- Humber FWD HU

07/09/2021 - Ordered and recezived the replica of FAFL Pilot insignia...

02/09/2021 - Received the Forces Navales Françaises Libres (FNFL) insignia replica this morning. Superb !!

21/08/2021 - Received this morning 2 more items of the 1/43 Altaya-Ixo "WW2 main cars":

- N°40: DODGE WC6 Command Car

- N°41: SdKfz 231 6 rad

19/08/2021 - Received this morning the L.A.M. (FAFL) fac simile insignia:

16/08/2021 - Received from the EC 3/30 Boutique Tradition the "coin" medal special  emission for the 80ieth Anniversary of the creation of the FAFL GB 1 (Groupe de Bombardement 1) "Lorraine" in 1941 at Rayak.
Later RAF "French" Squ 342, then EC 3/30 Lorraine.

19/07/2021 - Received them !! Insignia N° 005 !!!

06/07/2021 - Ordered the GB 1/18 "Vendée" Groupe de Bombardement FAFL 80 years Anniversary insignia fac-simile published with the new AeroFanzine N°1 magazine. Limited issue to 100 worldwide items.

05/07/2021 - Received the FAFL (London Model 1940-1941) Fac-Simile Insignia:

20/06/2021 - Father's Day !!! Been offered the book: Les grandes Batailles Navales et Aéronavales de la Guerre du Pacifique, by Pascal Colombier, Caraktère Presses et Editions,2021..

18/06/2021 - Received the medal of the Escadron de Chasse 2/4 Lafayette, limited edition, N°156, heir of the N124 "Lafayette", SPA 81, SPA 96 & SPA 167 "Stork" WW1 squadrons, Base Aérienne 113, St Dizier, France.

17/06/2021Received my model of the fac-simile FAFL GC1 "Alsace" insignia mod 41-42 "Damas" N°046 on a 100 items only worldwide issue. A KPM Kosmonavt production.

07/06/2021 - Received the 105th Anniversary Badge of Esc 2/4 LAFAYETTE (aka Escadrille Américaine N124)

07/06/2021 - Received the book "Bleu comme l'Acier" (Blue as Iron) dedicated to US Navy and USMC Air Forces during WW2. Guy JULIEN author, Overlord Press Editions, June 2021. (Ordered since March 2020 !!!)

27/05/2021 - Received it, numbered 007. Bond. My name is Bond.

18/05/2021 - Ordered the FAFL GC1 "Alsace" 1945 insignia. Limited issue 100 items worldwide.

17/05/2021 - Received the 1/1100 model of the Eaglemoss-Ixo (Special Japan issued series) Worldboats of WW2: IJN Zuiho Aircraft Carrier, Leyte Gulf 1944. The greenish camo scheme reproduces dreadnought main guns turrets shadows !!!

06/05/2021 - Obtained model: - 1/1100 Eaglemoss-IXO Warships of the World series (Special Japan Issue) - IJN ISE Battleship / Floatplanes-Aircraft Carrier, Leyte 1944. Heavy guns: 4 twin 360mm turrets. Planes: 11; floatplanes: 11.

01/04/2021 - Received my AF1 1/72 model - MQ1-L Predator A, 432nd Air Expeditionary Wing, Creech AFB, Indian Springs, Nevada, USA, 2008. Sure one of the last models I receive, regarding the lack of room in my exposition shelves !!!

MQ1 / MQ9 dimensions and payload comparison:

26/02/2021 - Added the 80 years Anniversary commemorative insignia of the RAF (French) Squadron 340 FAFL GC2 Ile de France, limited edition to 200 items. Got the N°087. Ordered by

22/02/2021 - Received my lultimate WW2 Blazer Badge of the RAF French Squadrons & Pierre Clostermann's RAF operational units: - RAF Squ 274, the 3rd P Clostermann's unit.

19/02/2021 - Added 3 models to my Altaya-Ixo WW2 Cars series:

- N° 28 - 1/43 Mercedes Geländewagen typ G5 (1938), Deutsche Bergwacht (DKR), Munich, Germany, Sept. 1940.

- N°29 - 1/43 Ford Fordson WOA2, Royal Australian Air Force, Egypt, Sept. 1942.

- Xtra Gift - 1/24 Citroën Traction Avant 11 BL 1934, Préfecture de Paris, Police FFI, Paris 1944.

12/02/2021 - Added 2 books from Caraktère Editions:

- U-Boot typ IX, by Xavier TRACOL

- Les Sous-Marins de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, by Erminio BAGNASCO.

09/02/2021 - Received this morning the blazer badge of the RAF French Squ 345 (GC II/2 Berry "Cigognes - Storks")

18/01/2021 - Received book "Normandie Niemen - 15 destins de plotes", by François Robinard, Heimdal Publ., Dec. 2020.

16/01/2021 - Added 2 items from the Altaya/Ixo "1/43 WW2 Military Cars" series:

- N°26: Opel Olympia Typ 13237 Luftwaffe Sanitäts Wagen.

- N°27: Packard Clipper Sedan Staff Car.

Add Xtra gift: 1/43 PAK 36 37mm AT gun for the Krupp Protze diorama.

14/01/2021 - Added booklet "Luftwaffe Gallery - Luck, Fate & Destiny", by Erik Mombeeck and Maciej Goralczic, ASBL La Porte d'Hoves Publ., Jan. 2021.

Consult the author's webpage:

ERIC MOMBEECK's Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots

28/12/2020 - Added book "Encyclopédie des avions de chasse Italiens 1939-1945", by David ZAMBA, Caraktère Presse & Editions.

26/12/2020 - Added XMas gift book: "Camouflage and Markings of the Panzerwaffe, by Artur Majewski, Hussar Publ.

22/12/2020 - Added the book "Les Ailes de la Liberté – L’épopée du désert de l’escadrille française de chasse N°1", by Max Armanet, Editions Pierre de Taillac.

10/12/2020 - Received Altaya's shipping N°12 regarding:
- N°24: Vidal Tempo G1200 Finnish Armoured Division Jäger Battalion, Gen Ruben Lagus staff car, Karelia, Finland, Oct. 1942.
4x4 driving-steering wheels, twin-engined (1 front, 1 rear) !!!
-N°25: Fiat 508 CM coloniale, Corpo di Spedizione Italiano in Russia, Ukraine, Aug. 1941

28/11/2020 - Received ALTAYA N°11 shipping involving N°s 22 (Mercedes Typ 170 V (W136), Heer, France, 1940), 23 (Beute Peugeot Lastkraftwagen 2t typ DMA, Heer, Ukraine, 1943), and some extra gifts:

- 1/24  Willys MB Jeep, 101 AB Div., 506 Regt, 1 Battalion, C company, 4th vehicle, Normandy, June 1944. Equipped with Browning .50 MG and SCR 609 radio set.

- Xtra 1/43 elements of the future Protze /PAK 36 diorama (4 German Heer figures + barrels).

Willys MB Jeep

1/24 Jeep Willys MB 101 AB

Mercedes Typ 170 V (W136)

Mercedes Typ 170 V (W136), Heer, France, 1940

Peugeot DMA light truck

Beute Peugeot Lastkraftwagen 2t typ DMA, Heer, Ukraine, 1943

31/10/2020 - Added book "Pierre Clostermann - Journal de sa vie opérationnelle Janvier 1943 - Août 1945" by G-E COISNE, Amazon publ.

26/10/2020 - Received from Military Badges UK  the RAF (French) Squadron 342 Blazer Badge, this unit corresponding to the Forces Aériennes Françaises Libres (FAFL) Groupe de Bombardement GB 1 "Lorraine". 

23/10/2020 - Some news of my patches - blazer badges collection:

21/10/2020 - Received this morning from Military Badges UK this of the RAF French Squ 341 (GC III/2 "Alsace"). This was in this Squadron that Pierre Clostermann began his operational carreer. He then flew in the RAAF Squ 602 after the death of the 341 Wing Co, René Mouchotte.

19/10/2020 - My XMas gift delivered and preciously kept apart by wife :

This book has taken more than five years of research and development, combining documentary and archival sources with photographic evidence from units in the field, to provide new insights into the painting and marking of Nazi Germany’s panzer divisions in the years 1923 – 1945. A modern reference on the subject has long been requested by historians and model-builders alike, and now the wait is over.

15/10/2020 -I just received the badge of the 75 th anniversary of the RC 2/30 Normandy-Niemen, whose motif adorned the left drift of the Rafale specifically decorated on this occasion.

It is the portrait of the aspirant Georges Henry, 2 victories approved, 3 victories in collaboration, and 1 airplane damaged in collaboration. At 25 years old the last dead of the N-N , he lost his life from his wounds after an enemy strafing attack of his base in East Prussia on 12/04/45.

On the same day, he had obtained his last victory on a Fw 190 piloted by the Gruppenkommandeur of the I./JG 51, Hauptmann Günther Schack, holder of 174 victories and of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, who survived the destruction of his aircraft.

Thanks to the Trad cell of the RC 2/30 NN!! 

13/10/2020 - Received this morning from Military Badges UK this of the RAAF (Royal Auxiliary Air Force) Squ 602 "City of Glasgow". This was in this Squadron that Pierre Clostermann flew his LO-Ds Spitfires...

1/48 Hobby Master item HA8315 - Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXc "MJ586 / LO-D", P/O Pierre Clostermann DFC, RAF aux. Squ 602 City of Glasgow, Longues-sur-Mer, Normandy, France, June-July 1944.

Pierre Henri Clostermann (28 February 1921 – 22 March 2006) was a French flying ace, author, engineer, politician, and sporting fisherman. Over his flying career he was awarded the Grand-Croix of the French Légion d'Honneur, French Croix de Guerre, DSO, DFC and bar (United Kingdom), Distinguished Service Cross (USA), Silver Star (USA), and the Air Medal (USA). Ended WW2 on Tempest Mk V as a Wing Co of Flight A Squ 3 with 37 aerial kills (including 18 sure, 5 probables and 14 damaged, these last being ground targets).  There is still debate on the kills count accuracy, depending on RAF and Armée de l'Air counting methods.

07/10/2020 - The twin "bibles" regarding German WW2 airplanes I'm so proud to own:

- Warplanes of the IIIrd Reich, W. Green, McDonald’s, 1970 (estimed at 320€ second hand)
- Aircraft of the IIIrd Reich, completed and corrected edition of the above opus by W. Green, initially to be published in 3 tomes , Aerospace Publ., 2010. (Tome 1 of 3, lthe definitely only one to be published, following the death of the author in 2010 and the editor gone on administration in 2012. Estimed 99€ brand new).
Should the following 2 tomes have been published, this opus could have been the ULTIMATE REFERENCE  on the subject.

28/09/2020 - Well received this morning the blazer badges of WW2 RAF "Free French" Squ 329 (GC 1/2 Cigognes SPA3) and 345 (GC 2/2 Berry SPA 103), thanks to the "Tradition" cell of the GC 1/2 Cigognes, Base Aérienne 116, Luxeuil.

It is to be remembered that Luxeuil-lès-Bains was the base of the WW1 N125 "American Squadron", aka the Lafayette Squadron, equipped with the"Bébé" Nieuport 11...

17/09/2020 - Received my badges from GC 1/2 "Cigognes", this Groupe de Chasse being heir of SPA3, SPA26 and SPA103 traditions. SPA stands for "SPAD" and is the way the WW1 French Squadrons using SPAD airplanes were named.

For instance, F stood for Farman, MF stood for Maurice Farman, HF for Henry Farman, Bl for Blériot, D for Deperdussin, N for Nieuport, Sal for Salmson, C for Caudron, MS for Morane Saulnier, V for Voisin, Sop for Sopwith, aso...

There were too some exceptions (a French speciality), fi:  Ar or Do for Dorand equipped squadrons, R for Caudron type R, REP for Esnault Pelterie !!!

GC 1_2 Cigognes-r

04/09/2020 - Received the WW2 RAF "Free French" Squ 342 "Lorraine" blazer badge, thanks to Thierry "Rafale 59" via Amazon.

RAF Squ 342 KC-2

30/08/2020 - Beginning my WW2 French / RAF - FAFL Squadrons blazer badges. collection..

Blazer Badges

25/08/2020 - Received this morning from the Traditions Cells of EC 2/4 Lafayette and EC 2/5 Ile de France the velcro patches I ordered.

Escadrille de Chasse 2/4 Lafayette

Escadrille de Chasse 2/5 Ile de France

22/08/2020 - Added the RC 2/30 Normandie-Niemen "Challenge Coin Rayak 1942" medal.

Challenge Coin Rayak


See other photographs on hereunder Album 48.


I hope that these data will help to complete my profile... and make you happy and inquiring !!! I was proud to be a MAC member, to be part of Scale Model Collectors (SMC ?) AND NOW I'M PROUD TO BE A MAC MEMBER AGAIN (hopefully, no problems for the links, thanks to Matt !! LOL !! :=D ) Kind regards from France and take care all !!! 

JF QUILLIEN (A.K.A. Jeff or Papi Jeff )

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At 10:28am on July 19, 2015, AM said…

Hello Jeff,

Long time no see my friend. Hope everything is well.



At 3:43am on March 23, 2015, John Slevin said…

Merci, Jean-Francois!

Yes, indeed, a good weekend for Ireland, both men and women's rugby teams.

We need days like this from time to time :-)


At 10:35am on February 20, 2015, John Slevin said…

Thank you, Jean-Francois! Sounds like a nice friendly place here :-)


At 1:19pm on January 28, 2015, AM said…

Hey Jeff,

Check these guys out:

They make custom models from off-the-shelf kits. Those are certainly much better than the wooden ones.

Hope you like it!

At 1:55pm on January 13, 2015, Muhammad Ariffani Shaari said…

Merci monsieur Jean-Francois Quillien


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1200 !!!

Posted on March 1, 2019 at 2:21am 0 Comments

1200, mates !!! 1200 !!!

Got it !! We reached the 1200 MAC members !!

Thanks for all of you helping to get this site still alive !!

Thanks to Matt !!


Posted on January 11, 2019 at 6:15am 0 Comments

Yes, congrats to:


top leader of Leaderboard members,

and really with planes !

… at the opposite of me, widely dispatched on AFVs !!


Posted on October 31, 2018 at 4:06am 0 Comments

Hello, all !!!

We're heading to the 1200 members !!!

Hi, my friend !!!

Posted on September 15, 2018 at 2:25pm 1 Comment

Welcome again, my dear Ahmed !!! Long time since I heard from you !!! Superb photographs !!!

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