1/200 Royal Air Force Boeing B737-3MR Avenger MR.1A Project - The Mighty Phoenix.

Well iv been doing a lot of thinking lately about the current state of the Royal Air Force and I have decided that the Maritime Patrol position has been left wide open for far too long and something needs to be done so I have come up with my own Aircraft that will fill the gap and also fill the slot of the Nimrod R1 for a while till the new/old - (Those who know the age of the airframes will get this) RC-135W Rivet Joint/Air Seeker R1.
With a similar concept to the Boeing B737-800 P-8A Poseidon that is scheduled to replace the P-3 Orion, the B737-3MR will effectively be a "Multi Role" capability Aircraft that will be able to switch between Maritime Patrol, Signals Intelligence and Airborne Battlefield witch were roles filed by the Nimrod MR.2, Nimrod R1 and Sentinel R1.
Iv currently named her the Boeing B737-3MR "Avenger" MR.1A as this is my way of avenging the loss of her once proud sister, the Nimrod MR.2 "The Mighty Hunter".
Iv started work on this by getting all the bits together, at the moment I have one of the "lumps" that will make the aircraft look like she has equipment and things in her like a lot of military experimental and in-service aircraft have.
I am using an ex BMI Baby B737-3Y0 made by Herpa Wings that had an unfortunate stand off with my brother and came off worse.
Up to now that's all I have done but I do have a general idea of the livery she will carry and the Reg.
Ill keep on posting updates.

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