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Airfix's 1/72 Britten-Norman Islander

Hey folks!

This is my first blog here in a very very long time!

So since starting here I transferred from 1/200 over to 1/72 & 1/400, I've met my wife and had 2 Children so quite alot has changed!

Anyway so I thought I'd add my first blog if anyone is still here?

So my first subject will be my first civil in 1/72 and that is the Airfix Britten-Norman Islander:



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The Telford SMW 2014 Cold War IPMS(UK) S.I.G. Display.

Last weekend(8th and 9th of November) saw the 2014 Scale Model World show at the Telford International Centre.

I managed to get really lucky all weekend with getting parked up straight away amd getting into the venue at 8am to set up ready for the show.

Because it was abit rushed with me only taking over the group a day or 2 before there wasnt much on display as I only have 9 built Cold War era models.

Which are, RSAF Strikemaster, USAF A-37B Dragonfly, RAF Lightning, Hunter, Jet… Continue

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1/200 Royal Air Force Boeing B737-3MR Avenger MR.1A Project - The Mighty Phoenix.

Well iv been doing a lot of thinking lately about the current state of the Royal Air Force and I have decided that the Maritime Patrol position has been left wide open for far too long and something needs to be done so I have come up with my own Aircraft that will fill the gap and also fill the slot of the Nimrod R1 for a while till the new/old - (Those who know the age of the airframes will get this) RC-135W Rivet Joint/Air Seeker R1.

With a similar concept to the Boeing B737-800 P-8A…


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RAF Cosford Airshow 2012

I decided to go to the 2012 Cosford Airshow and it was the first time id ever been. 

I got there at about 9am and headed straight for the static, there was only one aircraft on the list missing and that was the French Air Force C-160 Transel but iv seen them before so its no big deal.

Here are the pics of the static displays:

Tthis was the first display! Pretty Cool!:…


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RAF Coningsby Enthusiast's Day 2012

We set off from Castle Donington at 07:15am and arrived via RAF Cranwell at 08:30 to meet Rick and the lads from Break Away Aviation Tours.

We entered the base at 10:30am and walked straight into the static display.

Well here are the pics, the sun was out for most of the day witch was a surprise as the forecast predicted Thunderstorms. Any way without further ado:

I saw a picture of this Hawk T.2 on only a…


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A selection of my latest custom Models and some of the best and faverates of mine.

Iv always loved Classic British Aircraft especially Fighters and Test Development Aircraft.

Ever since I saw the "Vampire and Venom" display pair (Vampire and Meteor) I always wanted models of these aircraft.

I did plan on having both Aircraft in the same livery but certain things happened and they ended up being totally different.

I may add matching markings one day but at the min im happy with them.

Here are some pics of the Sea Venom and her Sister Meteor…


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1/200 Eurofighter Typhoon Modification's

Hey all!

Well I have 7 Eurofighter Typhoon's in my collection and 6 of them have been modified.

Here are the Details of each of them.

I took the 2 under wing drop tanks off and mounted one of them on the centre of the fuselage to put Luftwaffe Typhoon 30+20 into Display Configuration.

Herpa Wings Luftwaffe Eurofighter Typhoon T.2 30+20:…


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An awesome Day at RAF Coningsby and RAF Waddington.

On the 1st of June 2012 I decided to head over to Lincoln to Visit RAF Coningsby and RAF Waddington.

I left Derby at 07:15am and arrived at RAF Waddington at 08:30am but there wasnt much happening there so I headed straight for RAF Coningsby and arrived at 09:15am.

Within a few mins of setting my camera up (Canon EOS 20D) the first Typhoon was on finals.

It was rather dark as the cloud base was abit low but it was a really good day.

Well ill let the pics do the…


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A cold Afternoon at East Midlands Airport EMA/EGNX

I decided to spend the afternoon at a good spot me and my Dad found years ago when I first started spotting.

Iv not been to this spot for a good year or so and getting to it involves quite a bit of walking but well worth it as the sun is behind you and its just about the best spot for getting Arriving and Departing Shots providing they are using RW27.

Ill let the photos do the talking now so here we go:

PA-28 Piper Cherokee G-BPRY.…


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West Midlands 02/04/2011

Hey all!

We had an amazing day looking at lots of very nice aircraft in and around the West Midlands.

Well we set off at 11:30am from Derby to our first point of call.



So we visited the Midland Air Museum then went onto Coventry Airport and here are a few pics of what we saw:

Royal Air Force Hawker Hunter XF382:

Here my Dad stands infront of a British Aviation Classic.…


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19/03/2011 at EGNX.

Hey all!

Had an amazing day of spotting at EMA.

Here are a few pictures:


Untitled (ex UK International) B767-200 G-CECU.

Its hard to think I saw this once beautifull B767-200 flying from EMA in full UK International livery.

Now it looks like there stripping her of everything shes got :( RIP G-CECU!

DHL Airways DC-8-70F…


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My First Kit:

Hey all!

Well Iv decided to purchase my first 1/200 kit being a Helmet Models Harrier GR.3.

I decided to paint her into XZ129 wich was the only Harrier GR.3 to ever serve with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm.

I have loaded her with two AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, Two BAE Systems Sea Eagle Missiles and 1 Mk.82 Unguided Bomb.

All that is left to do now is add black "ROYAL NAVY" titles onto the tail underneath the Flying Fist.

Here are some pics of her so far:…


Added by Adam Barber on February 24, 2011 at 3:00pm — 3 Comments

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