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Real vehicles and their scale models

Check out these albums for more pictures of the places I visited:

El Alamein War Museum

Military Museum in Portsaid,…


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Hard Decision...

Hi, mates!

This hard decision, taking in account the substantial decreasing of my dedicated money allocations (for collecting, lol !) was to choose between the HM 1/48 Douglas Bader's Spitfire Va and Johnny Johnson's Spitfire IX models...

I eventually ordered the Spit IX, as The Spit Va D-B has no real external differences with the 3 Spits I I own yet, and its camo is again the initial Green/brown pattern the 3 models I got are in !!…


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Witty Wings 400 and Big Bird 200 Diecast Airliners preorder news

Witty Wings Airliners and Blue Box 200 Airliners preorders announced.         Sept, 26, 2012

Witty Wings 400 is off to a great start with their second round of release models offering a great lineup. BlueBox always does great models, though it's too bad the BA…


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Corgi 2013 Model available for Preorder at

Corgi Aircraft Preorder News at

Sept 24, 2012

Corgi has release the expected aircraft models for the middle of 2013. It's fantastic to see another 1:32 Mosquito and 1:72 Short Stirling. Please order these soon even though they are not due until next year. The last round on both of these models…


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JC Wings Preorder and Herpa Arrivals at

JC Wings Preorder and Herpa Arrivals at

September 21, 2012

JC Wings has a longer list of upcoming models then usual, both in 1:200 and 1:400. Many noteworthy releases including the JAL 787, and Condor "Peanuts Livery" 767 in 1:200 scale and in 1:400 the Air France CRJ-100 and the…


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New War Master Aircraft and Armor at

War Master Arrivals at

Sept. 20, 2012

Yeah, the HE-162 Salamander has finally arrived, along with some great military vehicles from War Master and Dragon Armor.

Get an extra 10% off of these models with…


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Good last Flight !!

Yes, good last flight to California, Endeavour!

The last and most improved of the US Space Shuttles. Thanks to all Crew and team whose duty made progress science and Human Being Story.

From Enterprise to Endeavour, Challenger and Columbia, we shared joy and sorrow and are proud and confident in the Future.

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Inflight 747s and BAC-111s for preorder at

Inflight 200 News at

Sept. 18, 2012

The United 747 Stars and Bars sold out quickly when it came out this June, but we have been able to find a few more which will arrive soon. So now is your chance to order this if you missed the first round.

Plus, we have a new release United…


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American Airlines 737 delivery process

Pretty neat video of how American takes delivery of a new 737, I like how they do the paper work for it like buying a car. These 737s could be some of the last arcraft to be delivered new in that livery if you believe some of the reports out there that they are changing the livery for the 777-323ER, 787, and Airbus deliveries.

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Boeing Model Shop

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Witty Wings 400 (new line) now available for preorder

Witty Wings 400 Preorder at

September 11, 2012

Witty Wings 400 – a new collection of 1/400 scale airliner models – is now available for preorder! Each die cast model includes high-end features such as simulated cockpit and cabin windows, realistic…


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The new Belgian issues...

Hello, all!

I just received the 2 books I ordered to Erik Mombeeck, the Belgian specialist of the Luftwaffe units diaries and History:

The 1st book is the Vol.III of the Jagdgeschwader 2 "Richthofen" history told by the detail as a march diary.

It deals with the 1942 year by the continuing fights with RAF and the first ones with US bombers over Europe, the North Africa Theater Of Operations, as some JG2 Staffeln were affected there, and the partly change…


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