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Oldies but goldies: the LZ 129 Hindenburg

Hi, mates!

I just bought at minus 70% (Summer discounts in France !!! 5.79€ instead of 15.99€) a 1/720 Revell model of the well known Zeppelin LZ 129 Hindenburg, who burst into flames at Lakehurst the 6th of May 1937.

It should not be a great difficulty for a lazy papi (skill 3). I will send you photos as soon I finish this model ref. 04802.

As usual, Swastikas are absent from the decals but I easily will use the ones I got on special…


Added by JEAN-FRANCOIS QUILLIEN on June 29, 2012 at 3:33pm — 1 Comment

How stealthy is your collection? (Updated 10/05/2014)

Hey Guys.... Here is another blog post illustrating another encouraging factor to buy models. Today I am going to talk about stealth. I have been very interested in buying models of stealth aircraft. But before I share with you the photos of the stealthy models I own, let us first see what stealth is all about.

Since the inception of aircraft in war, militaries have been searching for ways to hide them from the eyes and…


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How fast is your collection ??

We all collect aircraft models that have a certain significance to us. One of those factors of significance is speed.

Since the start of the cold war and until the introduction of 4rth generation jet aircraft, jet aircraft designers were interested in speed and altitude. They wanted their planes to go higher and faster. From there the race started. MiG-15s and F-86s fought each other in MiG Alley to start high speed jet dogfights. F-100 Super Sabres and MiG-19 Farmers broke…


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Phoenix, InFlight 200 and Corgi News

Phoenix, InFlight 200 and Corgi News from www.DieCastAirplane.com

June 22, 2012

Phoenix has a long list of new releases, 25 1:400 scale models and 1 1:200 scale model. The 1:200 is another ANA 787. Earlier releases of ANA 787 have all sold out quickly, so this one probably will as well. You can use your…


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GeminIJets July Preorder, Plus lots of new arrivals at www.DiecastAirplane.com

GeminiJets Preorder and New Arrival News at www.DiecastAirplane.com

June 20, 2012

Here are the July 2012 GeminiJets Preorder Items. We will final see a restock on the Airport Terminal which is good news. It's nice to see a new American 777 in 1:400 as these are always hot items. We also expect the…


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RAF Cosford Airshow 2012

I decided to go to the 2012 Cosford Airshow and it was the first time id ever been. 

I got there at about 9am and headed straight for the static, there was only one aircraft on the list missing and that was the French Air Force C-160 Transel but iv seen them before so its no big deal.

Here are the pics of the static displays:

Tthis was the first display! Pretty Cool!:…


Added by Adam Barber on June 20, 2012 at 5:00am — 5 Comments

RAF Coningsby Enthusiast's Day 2012

We set off from Castle Donington at 07:15am and arrived via RAF Cranwell at 08:30 to meet Rick and the lads from Break Away Aviation Tours.

We entered the base at 10:30am and walked straight into the static display.

Well here are the pics, the sun was out for most of the day witch was a surprise as the forecast predicted Thunderstorms. Any way without further ado:

I saw a picture of this Hawk T.2 on www.fightercontrol.co.uk only a…


Added by Adam Barber on June 15, 2012 at 1:30pm — No Comments

BlueBox, Skymax, Hobby Master Preorders, plus $10 and $15 closeout specials

BlueBox, Skymax and HobbyMaster Preorder News from DiecastAirplane.com

June 15, 2012

BBOX071204 - Lufthansa DC-10 (1:200). An exciting release coming this fall from BlueBox. Your price with coupon code JUNE10 is only $103.46 and free shipping to 48 states

HA1315 - A-10A Thunderbolt II: 926th Fighter Wing…


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My FM Hawker Hurricane Trop (Mk I or Mk II ?) with more accurate markings

1/48 Franklin Mint Model, not easily customized with BD-48-06 Berna decals set - Hawker Hurricane Mk IIb (Mk I ?) "BG707 / black 1 -Theodore" of Groupe de Chasse GC I "Alsace", Forces Aériennes Françaises Libres (FAFL) - and coming from…


Added by JEAN-FRANCOIS QUILLIEN on June 15, 2012 at 3:00am — No Comments

Market Research

Looking for some opinions on box design and product, is this something you feel would be a quality product you would spend money on? Please bare in mind the target audience, those collecting British or RAF models, also retro collectors. I know they don't appeal to everyone, just trying to get some feedback on the presentation of the product and what level of quality you think it is, how much would you expect to pay for 1:200 models like this etc? Where would you expect to buy it etc. The box…


Added by Ben Godlington on June 14, 2012 at 8:22pm — 1 Comment

A Grand'pa am I !!

Hello, m8s !!

I upgraded as Grandfather Friday the 8th of June !! (FOR THE 1ST TIME...)

Lise appeared on Earth at 6h42 pm local Paris time.

50cm long, 3,6 kg weight !!

Pretty little girl.

Allright for all of the family.

I'm proud !!

Kind regards!


Added by JEAN-FRANCOIS QUILLIEN on June 12, 2012 at 3:30pm — 4 Comments

A selection of my latest custom Models and some of the best and faverates of mine.

Iv always loved Classic British Aircraft especially Fighters and Test Development Aircraft.

Ever since I saw the "Vampire and Venom" display pair (Vampire and Meteor) I always wanted models of these aircraft.

I did plan on having both Aircraft in the same livery but certain things happened and they ended up being totally different.

I may add matching markings one day but at the min im happy with them.

Here are some pics of the Sea Venom and her Sister Meteor…


Added by Adam Barber on June 9, 2012 at 7:00pm — 1 Comment

1/200 Eurofighter Typhoon Modification's

Hey all!

Well I have 7 Eurofighter Typhoon's in my collection and 6 of them have been modified.

Here are the Details of each of them.

I took the 2 under wing drop tanks off and mounted one of them on the centre of the fuselage to put Luftwaffe Typhoon 30+20 into Display Configuration.

Herpa Wings Luftwaffe Eurofighter Typhoon T.2 30+20:…


Added by Adam Barber on June 9, 2012 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

War Master Aircraft and Armor News

War Master News from www.DiecastAirplane.com

June 6, 2012

War Master has just announced several new planes and tanks for fall release. Here is a list of all preorder War Master models. These guys are doing a great job in releasing some really interest and never before release models, especially in the armor…


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An awesome Day at RAF Coningsby and RAF Waddington.

On the 1st of June 2012 I decided to head over to Lincoln to Visit RAF Coningsby and RAF Waddington.

I left Derby at 07:15am and arrived at RAF Waddington at 08:30am but there wasnt much happening there so I headed straight for RAF Coningsby and arrived at 09:15am.

Within a few mins of setting my camera up (Canon EOS 20D) the first Typhoon was on finals.

It was rather dark as the cloud base was abit low but it was a really good day.

Well ill let the pics do the…


Added by Adam Barber on June 1, 2012 at 7:00pm — 2 Comments

Herpa December Preorder models and HALF PRICE HERPA SELECTION

Herpa News from www.DiecastAirplane.com

June 1, 2012

Herpa Preorder News: Here is the next round of Herpa Preorder models coming late 2012. Excited to see the Delta Connection ERJ-170 in 1:400 scale. Also, this is the first release of the Emirates A380 with their new livery (1:500…


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